Ladies Night Out Pictures

>> Wednesday, January 28, 2009

These are pictures from Ladies' Night Out. It was a GREAT chocolately night. Mari's talk was, "I am Woman - Give me Chocolate!" Susie Hulvey sang. It all went so well. So much fun!


Aloha Moments!

>> Monday, January 26, 2009

This is Mari showing me her Elphaba moves from the play, Wicked, that we saw together. Great fun! The play was so awesome. We had great seats. It was something we'll always remember.

We didn't like seeing all the homeless people. It tore me up to pass them by. We also didn't like Chicago's pot holes or their confusing signs. We managed to stay lost most of the weekend but we had fun doing it:)

The 'aloha moment' Mari and I both had been waiting for came and came and came... We had a week of non-stop aloha moments. Mari brings out silly in me. She's so good for me. We're both good for each other.

I met her at Midway Airport with leis in hand. We walked out of there really standing out.

She's such an awesome friend. My internet is acting up. I have so many more pictures to share. Beckie Stewart was with us during Ladies' Night Out. It was awesome that they got to meet each other. I have pictures of LNO, too. It was such a good night. The whole week - I just can't say it enough - was wonderful. Even Jim and Nik enjoyed themselves, I think. Mari brought much joy into our house and I hope it's there to stay. I am so blessed to have a friend like Mari.

Love you, Mari, and miss you like crazy! Aloha Baby!


JOy JOy JOy JOy Down in my Heart!

>> Sunday, January 11, 2009

You know what the meaning of joy is? Hmmm? It's a small word. It can't possibly be all that important, right? No way! That is far from the truth. defines joy as this:

"a source or cause of keen pleasure or delight; something or someone greatly valued or appreciated."
Okay now - I have the deep abiding joy that comes from having Jesus in my heart. I can't imagine living my life any other way. Today during communion, I Can Only Imagine music video was played on the big screen at church. I've heard it a hundred times but hearing it in the context of communion brought tears to my eyes. Without Jesus, I wouldn't have eternal life in Heaven living with Him. I can't wait. And meanwhile, joy is splattered throughout our lives to keep us going until that day comes.

What else brings me joy? I couldn't even begin to name them all but I guess I'll try. My husband brings me lots of joy as well as my kids and our extended family. My friends bring lots of joy into my life.

But right now I have something else that is bringing me lots of joy when I think about it! My friend Mari is coming to see me from Randle, Washington. It's kind of crazy how we met. It was through We got close really fast and the awesome thing is all that we have in common. God brought her into my life when I needed her the most and the same thing for her.

Because of a very generous Faithwriter friend, last August I got to go see her in person in WA. AND now, because of the very same person, Mari is coming to see me in Illinois! This Friday even!

This week, when I can, I'm going to be blogging about joy. Beware, I'll probably share my excitement about Mari coming just a bit:) What a way to bring in the new year - joyfully!


Prehistoricly Good Looking!

>> Friday, January 9, 2009

Today is Friday and I actually remembered so I thought I would post a fun fiction today. I hope you enjoy. Friday Fiction is being hosted by Catrina . Go to her blog and enjoy some really great fiction!

Someone dares look at me through the finger-smudged glass? I poke my head up and with my most unattached, “I don’t care” attitude, I stare the culprit down. It doesn’t seem to phase him, though, and I lose interest.

I guess I’ll try again. Maybe this time, the face peering down at me from the top of the tank, will take the hint and go away. Oh! Fast movement. Phew. I plopped back into the water. It scared me. Water in the eyes. Just hate water in the eyes.

Oooh, it’s a she although not the same she that feeds me. I’m getting awful hungry, by the way. Maybe if I crawl up here on this rock I’ll get something tossed to me.

Again I wait. I don’t know what she’s doing. The face keeps staring at me and then she moves her hand up and down and across a white, flat, rock type thing and then looks at me again. Can’t she see hunger in my beautiful, brown, beady eyes? Just a little pellet, that’s all I ask.

Maybe if I flaunt this glorious body a little, swim around a bit. Or… I could stick my head inside myself, that’s always good for a few laughs. I’m thinking I’ve seen this person before. She looks like the girl that owns me, yet is older, fatter, and grayer. Well, if she can read my thoughts, I’ll never get any food.

Now that was just plain meanness! My owner poured water on me. Who does she think she is anyway? I hate that. Grrr… I tried to hide but I can’t. Instead, the Peeper can see me all the better as I crawl along the bottom of the tank. I think that was the plan, actually.

Ooooh, kind of ugly she truly is, the peeping intruder. If I stretch my neck up just so, I can get a good peek. Bluck. Just not worth the effort. Food! Food is coming my way. Guess she felt bad that I got drenched with cold water. Must act disinterested, though. Steady… steady… Gulp – there’s one. Yummy, yummy food! I see her looking at me. It must be my long neck – I take great pride in this neck. It is just so ummm… prehistoric. Oh happy day! Four pellets!

Time to crawl onto my favorite rock and dry myself a bit. Nothing like a good rest after supper. I’ll lay here and keep my webbed feet and sharp claws dipped ever so daintily into the water. Ahh, this is the life.

She tapped the glass. That’s really rather rude. Oh well, I’ll give her a show. One big jump and I’ll plop into the water; maybe even splash some murky goodness on her. Sure wish I knew what she was doing. She has some silly long stick in her hand and brushing it along that white thing.

I hear muffled words, something about writing a short story about me? I’m going to be the main character? Maybe she’ll make me a super-hero or better yet, put me in a steamy love story. I’ve been ever so lonely in here by myself. A good love story would be just what the vet ordered!

Maybe if I bat my eyes and wiggle my tail she’ll get more inspiration. Oh, she looked away. I’ll try my dog paddle. That’ll get her. No! Don’t go away. I’ve only just begun. Hmmm… I wonder if she’ll read it to me when she’s done. She didn’t even ask me my name. Not one question did she ask me. A Red-Eared Slider I am and proud of it! The best pet a family could ever have. That’s what she should write about. The best pet ever! Yes!

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