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>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mari made some NaNo book covers for me but I can't pick which one I like the best. Anyone want to help me choose? I'll put a survey on the sidebar. I finished my NaNo word count but I still have a long way to go before it's actually finished. Thank you for praying me through. It's been lots of fun to see so much progress towards it! I'm also very proud of all my friends who made their NaNo goals. Yay!

Thank you, Mari, for doing these for me! I love them all.


I'm Just Saying...

>> Saturday, November 29, 2008

Questions to ponder this Saturday morning from sunny Pensacola, Florida. Maybe someone can help me answer. But then again, maybe not...

1. Is he a woman? or is she a man? I don't know. Our front desk clerk has us confused or maybe he/she is the one confused. I'm just saying....

2. Surely there are things to do in Florida, right? Why are we having so many problems finding them then? Hmmm?

3. Why do these men ask me what I want to do and then don't take me to do them? I don't get it. :) Really truly don't.

4. Why, oh why can't I enjoy the sights and marvel at creation without my teenage son making fun of me and telling me I'm stupid? Oh boy. When did he get to be the dork police? No one elected him for that position.

5. Why, when we go to a beautiful beach, full of white sand that squishes in your toes when you walk barefoot, oh why was I the only one with my shoes off enjoying it?

6. And speaking of beaches, why was I the only one standing in that cold, clear Gulf water? Why would anyone want to pass up that experience? Hmmm?

Well, I was just curious. Maybe you've experienced these same problems. Then again, if you don't travel with guys, maybe not:) LOL! I am having a good time despite them. No, actually, we're having a very good time because of them, too. Really. Just had to poke some fun at my guys.

I hope to get to the beach again today. I also want to see the lighthouse on the Naval base. It's our last day. I really hope I get to sit and watch the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico again. I really want to soak up some sun before we head back to cold winter Illinois weather. I'm just saying...


Naval Aviation Center, Pensacola, FL

>> Friday, November 28, 2008


More Pictures

>> Thursday, November 27, 2008


Toasty Warm Thanksgiving:)

We are having a good time in Florida. It was a long trip but enjoyable. The van isn't handling very well so anyone who would like to pray, that would be greatly appreciated. We got to drive right in to the Naval base where Ryan is staying.

This afternoon we spent some time on Pensacola Beach. The sand is amazingly white but the water was cold. Tomorrow we're going to take a picnic to the beach. Hopefully it's a bit warmer. I was the only brave one to stick my toes in it. Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Are We There Yet?

I missed the deadline this morning for, "Home for the Holidays" topic. I had the idea as we passed a very bad accident last night. It's not even proofed. Please pray for travel mercies as many are on the roads this Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving from the Hubrichs as they travel from Illinois to Florida to see our son! I am now typing in a hotel room in Athens, Alabama. Woohoo! Halfway there!

“Mommy, when are we getting to Grammy’s house?” Joey squirmed as much as his booster seat would allow.

“Almost there, Buddy. Sit still now.” Joan turned around to look him in the eye.

Joey saw the seriousness of his mom’s look and sat still, suddenly absorbed in his new Christmas coloring book.

The traffic was bumper-to-bumper. Aaron kept his whole attention on the task at hand.

Joan started to sing, “Over the river and through the woods…”

Joey jumped in with his off-key little boy soprano voice, “to Grammama’s house we go!”

Joan finished the song while Joey giggled at seeing the silliness in his mommy, something he rarely saw when his daddy was around.

After a few minutes of silence, Joan check on Joey to make sure he was still awake. “You okay, Jo-Jo?”

“I was just thinkin’…”

“What were you thinking?” Joan questioned.

“We didn’t pray, Mommy. We pray before we go to Grammy’s house… ‘member?”

Joan looked at Aaron. “He’s right, Honey. Why didn’t we pray?”

Aaron didn’t take his eyes off the traffic. “Probably because we were in a hurry.” He took a quick peek in his rear-view mirror, “Hey, Bud, can you pray for us right now? I’m kind of busy. Mommy can help you.”

Joey smiled. “I can do it, Daddy.” He squiggled in straight into his seat as he prepared for this most important job of the trip. “Dear Jesus, me and Mommy and Daddy are going to Grammy’s house. Please watch over us. Keep Daddy driving good.”

Joan finished for him, “Yes, Lord… thank You for Your hand of protection on us so far. Forgive us for not remembering to pray before we left. Thank You so much for this great little boy You gave to us. It’s in Your name we pray… Amen.”

“Amen.” Aaron added.

And Joey finished it off, “Amen.”

At that very moment, a semi suddenly spun out of control.

Aaron gripped the wheel tight and threw on his breaks. “Lord help us.”


Joey walked between Joan and Aaron. They lifted him up by his arms, and swung him high in the air. “Are we almost there yet, Daddy?” Joey asked.

“I think so, Bud.” Aaron assured the excited little boy.

“We’re home for the holidays, Honey,” Joan smiled at her boys.

Joey let go of his parents hands and ran off to the man that stood in front of them. “Jesus!”

Jesus opened His arms up wide and readied Himself as Joey plowed into Him. Joey snuggled his face into Jesus’ robe. Joan and Aaron came up behind and all were welcomed joyfully.

“My children, you are home for the holidays. Welcome!”


Just Not NOT in the Job Description!

>> Saturday, November 22, 2008

Just a fun little sample of what I wrote today for NaNo.
I hope you enjoy:) And please, please treat your pastor's wife nicely:)
Jenn listened to hear if an answer would come but none did. She heard kicking and screaming going on in the kitchen so she followed the sounds that no one could have ignored. She saw Tammy holding up a little guy by the shirt and washing his butt in the sink with the sprayer.

Jennifer rolled her eyes at this thoroughly disgusting sight she was seeing. It wouldn’t have been quite so bad if the sink weren’t full of dishes. “Oh man,” she thought. She rushed over to Tammy’s side to see what she could do.

“Tammy,” she stood and put her hand on the woman’s well defined, muscular arm.

Tammy jumped. “Oh, Jennifer. Why are you here?”

Jennifer almost said something that wouldn’t have been very becoming from a pastor’s wife and then thought better of it and stopped herself. “You called me, remember?” She tried to keep the irritation out of her voice but she wasn’t sure it worked.

“Jenn, you came at a God awful time. The kids are being bad and little Henry here pooped his diaper big time. This seemed the easiest way to clean him.” Tammy suddenly realized what Jenn was seeing and stopped dead in her tracks. She turned the water off and wrapped the little baby in a dish towel.

Jennifer began, “Listen Tammy, do you need help? I’m here now. Maybe we could talk as I helped you do whatever needs to be done.” Jenn shuddered. She couldn’t believe she just volunteered to help after her long day of work.

Tammy looked a little reluctant at first and then made a quick decision. She handed Little Henry to her, dish towel and all, and said she would be ever so grateful if she could get him dressed. Tammy then walked away to the next problem and left Jenn scrambling to figure out where the diapers were or a diaper bag. Even a kid would be nice at this point, to help her get what she needed.

It was unusually quiet for this house. She wondered what was going on and who did what with the little angels. Tory went zipping by on a scooter, just missing Jenn’s toes. “Honey?” Jenn tried to stop her but she went by too quickly. “Where are Henry’s diapers, Honey?”

Tory pointed to a large orange diaper bag and then was on her way again. Jenn couldn’t believe she hadn’t notice that atrocity. She pulled out a diaper and a clean onesey. She went to the front room and cleared a seat on the couch so she could diaper the squirmy little thing.

Just as Jenn was about done dressing Henry, Tammy came back into the room. She plopped on the recliner, with a newborn hooked to the boob. Tammy hadn’t even covered herself up. It was there for all to see. Jenn looked away quickly, her face reddening.

Tammy noticed this and reached over and threw a t shirt over the little girl, at a vain attempt at trying to cover herself up. “Welcome to my world.” She grinned at Jenn and Jenn grinned back. She had no idea what else to do. “Since you’re here, you think you could grab that bottle on the stove and give it to Lil Henry for me? I’m sure he’s getting hungry, too.”

Jenn set Henry on the couch so she could boost herself up then reached back down and got the baby. She found the bottle and went back and sat down on the couch in front of Tammy. Henry rooted around looking for the nipple. Jenn then remembered what she was doing and stuck it in the little guy’s mouth. He made suckly piggish sounds as he guzzled the milk.


Master Puzzler

>> Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yesterday, major walls came crashing down in people's live that I truly love. I got to thinking about the walls that came down as Joshua marched into Jericho. That was a good thing - ordained by God. "Shout! For the Lord has given you the city! (Josh. 6:16 NIV)

"When the people heard the sound of the horns, they shouted as loud as they could. Suddenly, the walls of Jericho collapsed, and the Israelites charged straight into the city from every side and captured it." (Josh. 6:20)

But what about the people in it? There was one woman, Rahab, that God chose to keep safe because of her help to the Israelites when the spies were scoping out the city. Ultimately, her life majorly improved when she was made to leave the fortified city. Her and her family were spared death.

I wonder why she didn't leave the city earlier if she didn't agree with what was happening there? Have you ever thought of that?

Have you ever noticed in your life that things have to get really bad before you're ready to move on to something else? And usually, when you do finally part with whatever it was you were holding onto (whether a job or whatever...) then you really start to see God's hand.

So what I'm wondering is, maybe the walls had to come down yesterday. Maybe, perhaps, God is shaking up things to get them to fall into place. Whoever was trying to put together the puzzle (oh man - probably us) was trying to force them into a space when it clearly would NOT fit. God is the ultimate Puzzler. He fits pieces together that no one else would even think of and when He is finished - we stand back and admire His handiwork. We marvel at His ingenuity.

But at the time, when He is doing the shaking up, we don't wonder what good things He is doing for us. We puzzle over what is going on. We cry out to Him or we dig in our heels and fight Him every inch of the way.

God gave Rahab a place of refuge during this tearing down and rebuilding process. He took care of her, very good care of her. Much better care than what she had inside the city walls.

When the walls of Jerusalem were finally finished, lots of celebrating went on. "At the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem, the Levites were sought out from where they lived and were brought to Jerusalem to celebrate joyfully the dedication with songs of thanksgiving and with the music of cymbals, harps and lyres. (Neh. 12:27)

But right now, it's hard to think about the rebuilding. The walls are still crumbling. Refuge has been taken but still, God hasn't shown His hand yet. But we know He will. His timing is most definitely NOT our timing. Of course His ways are definitely NOT our ways - and I am so thankful of that considering how many times I have majorly botched things up in my life.

If your life is going good right now, please pray for those who are in the process of watching their walls come down. You've been there. You know it's not easy. But you also know that the rewards will be great when it's all said and done.

"SHOUT! For the Lord has given you the city!" I can't wait until we hear these words in these situations that I see in my family and friend's lives. I can't wait for the dedication to those new walls. I can't wait to See how God works out these many different situations.

Shhh! The Master Puzzler is at work right now.


She's Coming!

>> Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's official. Mari is coming to me! Tickets were bought in the early morning Saturday hour. Thanks to a very good friend, she was able to buy a ticket and only have to pay a little extra. Truly an amazing gift. Truly an amazing friend!

She's coming on Friday, January 16 and will leave the next Saturday, January 24. We are going to have lots of fun! I can't wait for Mari to meet my friends here and see my life like I got to see hers. I am very excited! Excited to the max!


Missions Blog -- God's Smuggler

>> Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Patty at Patterings is hosting a missions month. I, being the great procrastinator, have waited til the very last minute to get mine in but I have done it! Years ago I read the book, God's Smuggler, by Brother Andrew. This week I started to reread it. Now I know why I remembered this book out of all the ones I've read. Brother Andrew grew up in Holland. As a child, he told the story of how he would lag behind his family so there wouldn't be a seat for him in the pew. He would then sit in the very back by the door so he could sneak out. He timed it just perfectly so he could stand by the minister as people shook the man's hand and in this way, he would pick up tidbits so that his cover would not be blown. Well -- this boy grew up to be a man that had a fantastic call on his life.

He couldn't get enough of church. He longed for a closer and closer relationship with God. Soon it was apparent that he would be a missionary. He began in 1955 by being a one-man missionary. He took in Bibles and spoke to Christians behind the Iron Curtain. There are amazing stories he recounts. This is a must-read. What I enjoyed the most is how he was taught to totally rely on the Lord to supply his every need.

Brother Andrew called his new way of living -- the Game of the Royal Way. He discovered that God would supply his every need without him having to beg. God would do it in the most Kingly manner. In school they were sent off in small groups. They had two rules they had to stick to: they could never mention a need aloud, and they gave away a tithe of whatever came to them as soon as they got it - within 24 hours. They were not allowed to take up collections or even mention money at their meetings. All their needs had to be provided without any manipulation on their part or their experiment would be a failure. This I can't even fathom! And you know what? His every need was met and he was taught great lessons and these lessons are now passed on to us, the readers.

His one-man mission work grew to be called, "Open Doors International, a nondenominational organization with bases around the world. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in missionary accounts. It is most awesome!

And now, Peej -- I want to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This has been a fantastic way to celebrate with you! What a great idea! Happy, happy, happy birthday my friend!


What I Like About Me - Hmmm...

Oh boy. Joanne asked me to list three things I liked about myself. It really is hard. It's much easier to find strengths in others than ourselves. Steam is coming out of my ears. I'll try, for Jo, I suppose.

I love to make friends. That's a good thing, right?
I love to encourage others in their walk with the Lord and in pursuing their dreams and using their talents.

One more, huh? Ugh...

I bounce back easily when I've been hurt. I am very forgiving and forgetful:)

Okay, now I get to choose three to take part in this misery!
I choose Vonnie from My Back Door.
Marita from Mari Flower.
And Amy from Sparrow's Flight.

You can find these blogs on my side bar:) I can't remember how to add them here - :) Sorry. Hope everyone is having a great day! Be sure to tell a Veteran how much you appreciate all they've done for us! Also, don't forget our men and women who are serving now! Happy Veteran's Day!


Espresso Truffle - A Must Try!

>> Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday morning I had to take Kristen in to Bloomington for a State-wide teacher test. I went, with my lap top and debit card, to Starbucks. I ordered the Espresso Truffle. Oh my! Wow! It was chocolaty heaven. Wonderful. While I enjoyed it, I worked on my NaNoWriMo project. I am now up to page 35, and last night I was right on track at 13,412 words! It is most amazing considering I am having such horrendous headaches.

While at Starbucks I also watched people and one family became a part of my story. I am going to share a bit of it with you now. I do hope you enjoy. The purpose of NaNo is to get you to write. Later on, when the month is over, editing will begin, but for now: WRITE WRITE WRITE. It's a good experience for me. I really appreciate your prayers. This is a goal I really want to achieve. So please, no trying to correct any mistakes you see. Okay? Here it is, ready or not!

Chapter something or other
found somewhere in there:)

Barb held the door open for a young family of four. The two children, a boy and girl, sat down at the table giggling while their mom ordered.

“Espresso Truffle, double shot and caramel macchiato, decaf.” Jenn and Dave’s order was ready.

Dave took their drinks and followed Jenn to an available table. She chose to sit near the small family. They drew her attention and made her heart fill with joy for some reason.

“Coffee and my Davie, it just doesn’t get better than this,” she smiled coyly above her warm chocolaty drink. She then was drawn back to the small family.

The mother brought donuts to the two children and they ate them up. The little blond girl smiled with delight. The glasses that rested on her nose made her face seem even smaller, more elfish. She chewed with her mouth opened, and wiggled her head at each bite. She rocked back and forth in the chair. The father then brought their drinks. The small white cups had a cloud of steam off of them. The boy looked to be about eight. His cheeks dimpled in when he took a drink of his hot chocolate.

“Be careful, it might be too hot,” the mother said.

The father looked at the boy and asked, “You want a drink of coffee?”

“I do but mom said no.” The father handed the boy his drink.

The young boy slowly brought it up to his lips. He started to take a sip and then put it back down. He finally took a drink. “Blah.” He quickly handed it back to his dad. They all laughed except for the little boy with a horrendous coffee taste in his mouth. The little girl decided to try her hand at her first coffee taste. She stuck her tongue out and spit. She then rubbed her tongue to wipe away the taste. She was not impressed either. Neither one were convinced that mocha was another name for chocolate.


Geometry Anyone?

>> Wednesday, November 5, 2008

In Geometry class this quarter, we have begun to talk about Transformations. Just so you know, in case you don't: I am NOT the teacher. I'm a teacher's aide. It would be very very scary if I were teaching a Math class. I'm talking SCARY SCARY! Anyway, about three lessons into it I had a sudden realization, "WOW. What a blog idea!" But I'm not supposed to be blogging. I'm supposed to be working on NaNo. But you know, a girl's just gotta blog when the Spirit says blog, so blog I am:)

There are three main Transformations:

Reflection (that's when you FLIP!)
Rotation (that is when you TURN!)
Translation (that's when you SLIDE!)

Okay, I know. You're not picking up on my excitement. Listen up! This picture of the mountain, you know it's a reflection. When you reflect something, it is a mirror image and every point is the same distance from the central line. It is a flip over a line.

When we become Christians, we totally FLIP or repent. We begin to align ourselves with God and His Word. We totally flip around.

This next shape is showing a rotation or a turn. When a shape is rotated, it is turned around the center. The distance from the center to any point on the shape stays the same. In our walk with Christ, we should be making Him the center of all we do and say.

This next shape is a translation. The shape has moved or slid down. It doesn't rotate or resize, it just moves. In our walk with God, we not only should be reflecting Him and rotating around Him; we should also be drawing nearer and nearer to Him. We should be sliding closer. We will never achieve perfection. That will happen when we die and we get our new body but we can do our best to live the way He desires us to live.

"When I was a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. Now we see but a poor REFLECTION as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known." (1 Cor. 13:11-13 NIV)

"And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being TRANSFORMED into His likeness with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit." (2 Cor. 3:18 NIV)

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be table to test and approve what God's will is -- His good, pleasing, and perfect will." (Romans 12:2 NIV)

In all of these examples, the size stays the same - when we become Christians, we keep the same body -- but it's our mind that changes, our way of thinking. We do a total turn-around. We desire to reflect our Maker.

Hopefully you picked up a little bit of my excitement. You know the toys, Transformers, (more than meets the eye?) That's us. Using what we have and totally changing it up, reflecting, and sliding closer to God every day.

Okay now, aren't you so jealous that I get to sit in a Geometry class every day for fifty minutes? Oh boy! Happy reflecting, rotating, and translating!


The Truth Will Set You Free!

>> Monday, November 3, 2008

"Dave had encouraged her to read her Bible so she reached up on her nightstand and set it in her lap. She opened it to where she had left her bookmark so many weeks ago. She began to read Mark chapter 8. She read slowly to let the thoughts and teachings of Jesus fully sink in. She suddenly stopped at verse 31. “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

Jenn knew this freedom was spiritual freedom in Christ. She was ready, so ready to be free again but wasn’t sure she was really ready when push came to shove. She stood, on the edge of the cliff. She wasn’t ready to take the plunge. She knew God was there to catch her, she knew that without a doubt but to act on it, to totally surrender to Him, she just wasn’t ready to make that commitment. She didn’t feel she had enough faith. She didn’t feel that she was good enough. She just plain didn’t feel…"
These are my NaNo characters. They aren't real but maybe they are. Maybe it describes you and your walk with the Lord right now. Maybe it's my walk, if not now, in the past and I'm sure will also describe the future.
Just like Peter, we have to step out of the boat to see God work in our lives. If we hold on too tight inside the boat, we will never see our lives played out fully - the way God had intended them to be. I'm jumping in feet first with this writing project. It overwhelms me most of the time but when I changed my focus to what God wants, and getting into His Word, I have seen it come together a bit better. Of course, I might start floundering in the water tomorrow but I also know that God will be there for me and I have many friends who will help pull me up, too.
"If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." (Mark 8:31 NIV)
Aloha! Cha cha cha!!!
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Come to my Rescue

>> Sunday, November 2, 2008

This morning in church I was blessed tremendously by the worship leader and the sermon. I used a part of Greg's sermon as part of my NaNo story today and a song from worship, Rescue from Newsong. I strayed from his sermon to go with my story, of course. It's not exactly what he said. Just so you know that:) I'm going to share with you a part of what I wrote this afternoon for NaNo, just so you have some idea of what I'm writing. Hope you enjoy. Maybe I'll do this every once in a while. Not sure. We shall see. Right now I've hit my goal of 1600 words a day. I'm now at 3,369! Woohoo! Thank you for praying. I really really appreciate it! Now, let the story begin:

Come to My Rescue
A guest worship leader was brought in for the morning service. It was time for a change. Dave and Jenn both knew that. They were trying to bring the congregation into a more contemporary service and having this young man lead would do a great deal in helping that along.
Besides that, Jenn needed a day off. She was doing so much in the church and was paid nothing. She needed a time to heal. They both sat in the front pew. They stood together, hand in hand. Benjamin, the young worship leader, stood at the keyboard. His face lifted to Heaven, He began a song, Rescue by Newsong:
You are the Source of light
I can't be left behind
No one else will do
I will take hold of You
Dave put his arm around Jenn’s side and drew her in close. Benjamin continued to sing:
I need You, Jesus
Come to my rescue
Where else could I go?
There’s no other name by which I am saved
Dave and Jenn’s free arms went into the air.
Capture me with grace
I will follow You
My heart is Yours for life
I need Your hand in mine
No one else will do
Lord, I put my trust in You

At the next chorus they joined hands and held them high in the air. Together they were in this struggle with their church and community. Tears streamed down both their faces. One, tears of a struggle he knew nothing about and could do nothing but pray; the other, tears of frustration and loneliness.
I need You Jesus
Come to my rescue
Where else could I go?
There’s no other name by which I am saved
Oh capture me with grace
I will follow You
This world has nothing for me…
(I will follow You)
This world has nothing for me
I need You Jesus
Both felt a great sense of encouragement as the song ended. They let go hands and dried tears. Dave had no idea what healing was going on behind him but he knew that God was working on he and his wife.
Dave moved to the pulpit after the last song. He was finally able to see the faces of the people. A few had tears in their eyes. Some looked to be stone-cold. He couldn’t worry about that for now. He had to continue on with his plans for the sermon.
Sorry, will stop there. Hope you enjoyed a small piece
of my NaNo:) I really really appreciate your prayers and support.


Chaos and Clutter

>> Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm sitting on the couch. I've laid on the bed. I've thought about my story for a week now. I've taken notes. I've researched. I've gotten so excited to do my NaNo project, and now I'm choking. How can I have writer's block already? Oh boy. Such a big project to take on: 50,000 words in one month. What am I doing? I have no doubt that I'll get things figured out soon. I need to pray more and let God at the helm. I think that's what I'm supposed to be learning right now.

My project title is: Free To Be...

and here is the snyopsis:

A woman lost in a sea of expectations. Beaten and bruised from the past, she stuffs and stuffs until she is so far inside herself that she withdraws. Unknowingly, she builds a cocoon around herself so no one can enter, so no one can hurt her ever again. Until one day God brings into her life... a friend. Through much laughter and tears, she begins to understand what it is to be, "Free To Be..."
I've been asked to be a voice to pastor's wives. They have such a hard job. Have you ever thought about that? They have to be all things to EVERYONE. That shouldn't be the case but in many instances it is. They have very busy lives outside of the church, just like the rest of us, yet many times they are expected to play the piano, teach Sunday School, plan the next Ladies' Night Out, put up with well-meaning church goers who complain about the pk's behavior... Need I go on? I don't think so.

Many times these women carry around baggage with them from the past that defines how they react to different stressors in their lives. My goal is to write my NaNo novel as a fictionalized account of one pastor's wife learning to be free to be whatever it is that she was meant to be.

Okay, this is where you come in. I need at least 1600 words a day to achieve my goal. I really want to do this. I need to finish a project for once (that's important to the ADD part of me that comes up with great ideas and then fails to follow-through) It's also important to create an awareness that our pastor's wives are real live people that have no place sitting on a throne in our minds. Lift them up in prayer. Find ways to help them out. Encourage them with cards or phone calls. Maybe make them a meal. We just finished pastor appreciation month but it should happen every day, for both the pastor and his wife and children.

I would love your prayer support and encouragement. I want to do this justice. Thank you in advance. I know many are already praying.

On another note: my contentment blog entries are coming back to bite me! I found out today that Mari and I did not win the cruise. The woman that did win TOTALLY DESERVED IT. I am so glad she won, really truly. I am content with the results. I didn't start out that way, though. I cried and whined but now I am good. God is good. He knows everyone's needs. He knows this woman NEEDS to get away. I am thankful that Mari is going to come to Illinois to see me. Now that we know the results we can start to plan. This will be so much better and very much cheaper.

Just like Paul, every life lesson draws me closer to the One that created me. He holds my hand as I maneuver my way around the chaos and clutter. I am so thankful for that. I am content. I am happy.

And speaking of chaos and clutter -- oh my goodness. I'm already a horrible house cleaner -- what am I going to do as I attempt to keep up on my writing goal? The house will fall apart all around me and I might not even notice. Not until my husband mentions it, though, I'm sure. Oh boy. Clutter and chaos -- please pray that God shows my husband how to be content with extra clutter and chaos and help him maneuver around it all:) Actually it might be cleaner than normal when I use my household chores as a reason to procrastinate:)

I am procrastinating right this very minute. As of now, I have 1,387 worthless words on my word processor. I need to get it together and quickly. Thank you for praying. I appreciate you all so very much.

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