Aloha Moments!

>> Monday, January 26, 2009

This is Mari showing me her Elphaba moves from the play, Wicked, that we saw together. Great fun! The play was so awesome. We had great seats. It was something we'll always remember.

We didn't like seeing all the homeless people. It tore me up to pass them by. We also didn't like Chicago's pot holes or their confusing signs. We managed to stay lost most of the weekend but we had fun doing it:)

The 'aloha moment' Mari and I both had been waiting for came and came and came... We had a week of non-stop aloha moments. Mari brings out silly in me. She's so good for me. We're both good for each other.

I met her at Midway Airport with leis in hand. We walked out of there really standing out.

She's such an awesome friend. My internet is acting up. I have so many more pictures to share. Beckie Stewart was with us during Ladies' Night Out. It was awesome that they got to meet each other. I have pictures of LNO, too. It was such a good night. The whole week - I just can't say it enough - was wonderful. Even Jim and Nik enjoyed themselves, I think. Mari brought much joy into our house and I hope it's there to stay. I am so blessed to have a friend like Mari.

Love you, Mari, and miss you like crazy! Aloha Baby!

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