Where Has the Joy Gone?

>> Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This is from Mari's son, Kyle Thelander, a sophmore in college. I thought it was a great post to pass on. We need to listen to our young adults more often. They have much to say about life.

In this world, it seems that people are limited on when they can show joy, especially laughter. People must realize that we were given the ability to laugh for a reason. Why, even God needs joy. The Bible says that God created humans for his own pleasure, If God doesn't need joy, why would he create people to provide that joy?. (not sure where, if you know please tell me) The Bible also says that " The JOY of the Lord is your strength" Nehemia 8:10. aside from the Bible, there are a few other reasons to have joy, especially laughter!

From my Psychology of Humor class, with Mary Stone.
*Physiological Benefits of Laughter*
1. Mobilizes Antibodies. Antibodies fight infections
2. Produces white blood cells. White blood cells fight infection
3. Decreases stress levels.
4. Heart muscles strengthened. Laughing is like exercise for your internal organs.
5. Blood circulation increased
6. Muscles relax
7. Moves nutrients and oxygen through the body more efficiently
8. Activates tear glands. Crying from emotions removes toxins from the body
9. Improves digestion
10. Stimulates endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural morphine.
11. Endorphins relieve pain
12. Endorphins improve mood
13. 10 minutes of good belly laugh result in two hours of good sleep
14. Improves memory

*Psychological Benefits of Laughter
1. Reduces Tension
2. Distracts from discomfort
3. Changes expectations
4. Increases self-esteem
5. Provides a mental buffer
6. Encourages creativity
7. Increases productivity

*Social Benefits of Laughter*
1. Promotes listening
2. Energizes
3. Provides alternate perspectives
4. Strengthens relationships “laughter is the shortest distance between two people” –Victor Borge
5. Breaks boredom and fatigue
6. Reduces stress

Just a few reasons why people should laugh more often. I am finding that the more I laugh, the more these things come true, so go ahead laugh. You don’t need any other reason to laugh besides you want to. Just don’t laugh AT people, laugh WITH them. Laughing AT someone causes pain, destroys self-esteem, excludes people. Laughing WITH someone builds self-esteem, invites others to laugh, and brings people closer together.

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