More to Life than being a Passenger!

>> Friday, August 14, 2009

Mari and I bought the book, The Dream Giver, by Bruce Wilkinson when we were together for the FW conference. She's read it before and highly recommended it. We got through maybe half and then she sent it home with me so we could finish on the phone.

Sometimes our dreams are lost under a big pile of responsibility. We think it's too late once we're married and kids have come and gone - pursuing their own dreams for their lives.

Why wallow in the everyday mundane? Why can't we reach inside ourselves and pull that hidden dream out, dust it off, and go forward with it?

This person that the author writes about is called, Ordinary. He can be any of us or all of us.

First Ordinary embraces his big dream.
Then he leaves his comfort zone.
Alas, of course there has to be villains - the border bullies.

Right now, I'm being bombarded by my border bully. Believe me, it's no fun. SOoooo... I'm going to move forward anyway. One of my dreams right now is to actually finish a writing project. Wow! Isn't that a novel thought?

The FW conference really helped me embrace my dream again. And last night I logged onto the Nano site and one article suggested reading through your Nano project like someone else wrote it. I guess that's a good idea. I don't even remember lots of what I wrote. And so much was just to get the words in. That part scares me.

So that is my goal for today:

Finish this blog
and read through my Nano.

You know, God gave us all a dream to follow. Let's help each other to grab hold of our dreams and move forward. Oh, I heard a great quote from Amelia Earhart -- "There's more to life than being a passenger." I like that. Instead of being in one of those cars at an amusement park - you know - the ones little kids think they're driving but actually they are on a track and can't possibly veer off it -I want to drive a REAL car with God as my GPS, telling me which way to turn.

Come on, let's don't just be a passenger today.

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