Friday Fiction -- Mr. Smarty Pants

>> Friday, October 30, 2009

Today is a very wet Friday, but Friday none-the-less.  It's also time for Friday Fiction hosted by With Pen in Hand.  Go there for more great fiction stories!  This story was for the blue topic at FW.  I probably came in dead last because I didn't hit the topic hardly at all, which was blue.  lol.  It was fun to write, which was all that mattered that week.  Happy Friday!

Mr. Smarty Pants

Trevor jumped from the top step of the kindergarten school bus. “Mommy!” he yelled. He ran down the driveway.

Next, Jordan gingerly made his way down from the bottom step. He turned around and said, “Thank you, Debbie,” then he raced to his mom, backpack flapping behind him. “Mommy!”

Tori scooped her twin boys into a big hug. “School good today?”

Trevor proceeded to tell all about his day, which included every single thing each friend said and did. Jordan stood patiently, first on one foot then the other.

“Okay, Jordan, what about you? Do anything fun with your friends?”

“Jordan doesn’t have friends, Mommy.”

“Do, too. Debbie’s nice. She let me sit up front today and we talked.”

“What about friends your age?” She tousled his hair and smiled.

“Trevor’s my friend.”

“Yes he is. You guys will always be best friends for Mommy, okay?”

Trevor and Jordan threw their backpacks on the floor, just inside the door.

The boys sat, legs spread apart, feet touching. One set of hands revved a toy car backwards and let it go, the other set of hands readied for the catch. They laughed when Jordan missed and it wrecked into his knee.

“Didja see that? Wow. It flipped backwards.”

“Cool. Do it again.”

“No, we’re getting too old for this game.” Trevor took the toy car and walked away.

“Give it back.” Jordan wailed and Tori ran into the room.

Tori bent down to his level and said, Honey, please don’t yell if you’re not hurt,” exactly the way she learned on her favorite nanny television show.

“Trevor took the car.” Jordan pointed his finger and his brother stuck out his tongue.

“I want you both to sit here until you can say something nice to each other.” Tori left the room just in time before she broke out into a smile.

Trevor grudgingly walked back to his brother. He plopped down hard on the living room floor and bumped Jordan in the process.



They were taught to sit, shoulders touching, when in time-out. Trevor waited until he knew his brother watched then stuck his hand in his pocket. Trevor pulled his hand out and held a treasure close to his face.

“What’re you lookin’ at?”

Trevor closed one eye studying the object.

“I’m telling. Better show me.”

Trevor scowled at his brother. “We’re never going to be able to get up ‘til you’re quiet and we’re nice, ‘member?”

“But you’re not playing fair. What’re you hiding?”

“Is it a truck?”

Trevor shook his head no.

“Is it ummm… A dinosaur? Crayon? Bubblegum?”

Three more no’s.

“Give me a clue or I’m tellin’.”

“Don’t care. Tell.” Trevor smiled mischievously.

Jordan grabbed hold of Trevor’s hand and tried to pry his fingers loose from the mystery object but Trevor held firm. Tori came into the room and the boys sat, angelic smiles beamed from their faces.

The boys sat shoulder-to-shoulder once again.

“You’re too close,” Jordan whined.

“Can’t help it.”

“Can too.”


“Is it red?” Jordan sighed.



Trevor raised his left eyebrow, his very own trademark, and a sure way to tell the boys apart. “Yes, it’s blue. So what is it then, Mr. Smarty Pants?”

"Let’s just get this over with. I wanna go outside and play with my real friends.”

Jordan started to cry. “I’m not your real friend?”

“Just because we were born at the same time and look alike, doesn’t make us friends,” Trevor explained.

“I’ll always be your friend.”

“Here, big baby. Close your eyes and I’ll give it to you.”

Jordan squeezed his eyes tight.

Trevor put the moist object into his brother’s hand. “Open now.”

Jordan gingerly lifted up his brother’s treasure with two fingers. “What is it?”

“A big boy gave it to me from the junior high. It’s an eyeball from a dead person.”

Jordan screamed.

Trevor covered his mouth with his hand. “That’s why you don’t have friends – you scream like a baby.”

“Sorry. Is it a real eye?”

“Dunno but let’s go scare Mom.”

Minutes later Tori screamed. The boys broke out in peals of laughter and held hands. Trevor momentarily forgot his ‘coolness’.

“Best friends, right, Trev?”

“Yup. Jordy, now’s the time.”

“For what?”

“Dad said to always use our twinness for the good.”

“You wanna scare him, doncha?”

“Oh yea.”

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