Will you Meet Me Here?

>> Monday, April 5, 2010

The guys are giving me a hard time. Peter especially thinks he's so tough. They make fun of me saying, "Jesus loves John more than anyone." Jesus loves us all, that's just the way He is. I'd rather be at Jesus' side than anywhere else. There's just something about Him. I can't explain it. He keeps telling us He's going away soon. No one seems to get it. It scares me.

"Will you meet me here?" Jesus asked us to meet together for the Passover Feast. He took off His robe and knelt down beside each of us with a bucket of water and washed our feet. Peter fought Him but I enjoyed every second. Jesus, My Teacher and Friend, loved me enough to wash my stinking feet. I suppose I should have been embarrassed but I love His touch and the way He looks at me. He asked us to meet with Him but really, He met with us, right where we were. Glad I went. So glad He showed up.

Jesus asked us to meet Him again; me, my brother James, and Peter. He wanted us to watch and pray. I was getting drowsy so I got up and followed Him. He was so upset He was sweating blood. I wanted to run to Him and lay my head on His knees. I wanted Him to reassure me everything would be okay but I knew it wouldn’t be the truth. We prayed ourselves right to sleep that night. Jesus heard us sleeping before He saw us. Peter's the loudest sleeper ever. We just couldn't stay awake - it must've been the wine. No excuse. Jesus warned us that the "spirit was willing but the body was weak." Jesus needed us that night and we failed Him.

"Oh, God! NO!" They came and took Jesus away. Judas - that traitorous leach! I stood and watched while my Teacher was arrested. At least Peter drew his sword. Just one more time – let me feel His touch one more time!

I felt Jesus calling me, "Will you meet me here?" We met at the cross. Jesus gave me charge of His dear mother. He knew we would both need each other as His last moments played out. I tried to shield Mary from the awful reality but she wouldn't hear of it. “I'm here, Jesus. I met You here like You asked. Jesus. Je-sus! I can't live without You." We all knelt there at His feet - tears of despair and anguish sopping the ground.

I heard Jesus calling me again, "Will you meet Me here?" Peter and I both ran to the tomb. I beat Peter there but was scared to go on in. Peter pushed me away. "Coward," he said. The tomb was empty. What do I tell Mary?

I can tell her He's alive! Did you hear me? Jesus is alive! We all had that urge to meet together - He drew us together by whispering to our hearts, "Will you meet me here?" He breathed on us and gave us Someone He called the Holy Spirit. He stayed with us for forty days, teaching us. I didn't leave His side for a second. We understood, this time, that He was leaving us soon. As the days swept past us, deep in our hearts we all knew our time with Jesus was running out. One day He explained our mission - to spread the Good News to the whole world. While we listened to Him teach, Jesus was whisked away. One second He was there; the next: vanished. We stood there, staring into the sky. We'd probably still be gawking if two angels hadn't told us to stop it. Jesus spoke again, "Will you meet Me here?" We all heard it. We were together when we were filled with the Promised Holy Spirit. He met us where we were with tongues of fire. We were now ready to minister in the power of His Spirit.

I was called to meet Jesus on this deserted island of Patmos, The Alpha and Omega met with me. I knew it was Him by His touch. He asked me to write Revelation for all future believers. Jesus says, "Will you meet me here?" He’s asking to meet you, won’t you worship at his feet? Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing – “Will you meet Him here?” Trust me, there’s nothing like hearing His voice and feeling His touch!

Written by Laury Hubrich
10/10/07 for the worship challenge)

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