I'm NO Donna Reed!

>> Saturday, July 24, 2010

Women in the 50's stayed home, or so it says it on TV. They cooked and cleaned and cooked and cleaned.  Wonder what else it is they did?

Donna Reed solved all her family's problems.

Mrs. Cleaver worked behind the scenes and got things rolling and then she got her husband to be 'clean up' man while the soft music played in the background.

They both wore dresses and heels. I can barely get out of my pajamas.  No, I'm not a good stay-at-home-wife/mom.

Maybe if we didn't live in the middle of nowhere? Maybe...  We only have one life to live. If I'm not a stay-at-home-mom (wife) and I have trouble working during the school year - what exactly am I? What is my place. I don't want to mess up this one life I have. When will I be old enough? Mature enough? Have the answers? Be wise to go with the gray hair?


Again I question, "Why so downcast oh my soul?"  Why are selah moments so hard?

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