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>> Thursday, July 1, 2010

This week's Friday Fiction (Thursday Fiction for this week) is hosted at Karlene's blog, Homespun Expression.  Hopefully lots of stories there that you can read.  With it being a holiday weekend, we will see:)  This is a continuation of my story from last week, Sarai.  The first part is here, in case you missed it.  Happy 4th of July!  and hopefully the next time I'm writing in my blog, I'll be in Washington! 

Silent Tears

“My love.” Abram moved towards his bride in an unexpected embrace.

Sarai pulled away. The man got up and paced the room.

Warm tears coursed down the girl’s cheeks. The only lesson on sex she was taught was in the barnyard. Relations between animals, she understood. A relationship with this man, her man, this she had trouble with. She remembered noises from her parent’s bed when they thought she was asleep. As she got older, she figured out timelines from those noises to when the next baby appeared. A baby wouldn’t be all that bad, she realized, but to do what had to be done to conceive, this made her body tremble in fear.

Abram stood above her. She knew then that one night’s reprieve was all she was to get. He knelt at her side and wrapped her in his arms

“Shhh… All is well.” He spoke over her until her body stilled.

Sarai let her body relax and her mind floated to other places, places far more pleasant. She became one with him that night physically but her mind and spirit held onto the NOT EVER attitude.

Sarai gave her life to him and was obedient. She did grow to love Abram but not in a typical husband/wife way. She respected and revered him.

Now she looked out her father-in-law’s door. She walked down the dirt path to the well where she filled the water jugs for the day. Older now with more responsibilities, there was no time to lie on her belly and peer at her reflection but if she did have time, she would see sad eyes; eyes that betrayed her true feelings; old eyes, different from the young eyes she left home with.

She tripped along the path, weighed down with the water but her mind was far away. She set the jugs down and realized not much had changed from her childhood home. The same smells assaulted her senses. The strong odor of hard work preceded the men as they came into the house. The aroma of baking bread could not even cover up the offensive scent.

One thing was different, though. Sarai did all that was required of her in her new home but the thought brought her to silent tears in the eerie darkness of the night. She loved Abram but it was more of a fatherly love. It was all so confusing. Her father never touched her the way Abram did. Her father’s touch never made her skin tingle and her body jump in excitement. This so-called love that she was feeling could not be right. It could not be what her mother felt for her father. Her mother never once warned her. Never did she explain to her what would happen as she shared her bed with a man. Sarai blushed at the thought.

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