B90X - Week 1

>> Monday, January 3, 2011

This is the day that my church, First Christian Church of Clinton, Illinois is beginning the B90X!

I've tried this challenge before but I went about it the wrong way.  This time I'm committed and will be doing it alongside so many of my church family.

This time I've downloaded a dramatized audio version of the Old Testament so I can listen instead of read when I want.  That will be different for me.  I tried listening in ITunes but it loaded the chapters backwards.  I figured out I can listen in the Windows Media Player and it will read to me from the first to whenever I tell it to stop.

I'm excited to be starting out the new year with a whole church challenge.  Our Pastor, Greg Taylor, will keep us encouraged and moving towards our goal, both in church each Sunday and through his brand new blog:)

B90X is an intense workout.  Week 1's reading is Genesis 1- Exodus 29.  There is nothing like jumping into God's Word with both feet and letting His Spirit splash all over us and inside us!

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