Keep Breathing

>> Friday, March 18, 2011

It's been some crazy weeks, let me tell you!  Well, wish I could.  This is Friday and I hope to have time to work on a blog post this weekend.  God's speaking to me lots through my B90x Bible reading.  We only have 14 days left.  I read in Luke last night.

I'm going to leave a song with you today for this awesome Friday.  Kerrie Roberts was in concert at our church Wednesday.  I didn't get to go.  The past two weeks fell in on me.  I've been running around busy busy and my body finally said - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  You have to remember, I went from like 10 miles an hour maybe to 100:)  That's a major change and I'm loving it but I also have to let it rest:)  Anyway, this song is, Keep Breathing, and is very appropriate for now and it's awesome and I keep listening over and over and bought it on I Tunes last night even.  I hope you enjoy and it ministers to you.

Happy Friday!

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