The Miracle of Mercy Land

>> Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Miracle of Mercy Land a novel, written by River Jordan, and published by Waterbrook Press, is a spectacular read and very much out-of-the-box for me; an extraordinary ride down the unfamiliar.  A tale woven around very believable characters that I grew to love in a very short amount of time.

The book is written in the eyes of three of the main characters:  Mercy Land, the Doc, and John Quincy.  A book of sorts landed in Doc's office.  This book had the power to change the past.  In the wrong hands, it would change the course of history.  In the right hands, who knows what good could be done?  

The present and past of these three people get mixed up and collide and intercept until sometimes it's hard to know what's up.  This book is hard to explain.  It's a book made to be read and enjoyed and maybe even read again.  

I highly recommend The Miracle of Mercy Land, if nothing else, because it's so very original.  A must-read for sure!

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