K is for Kelp?

>> Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Well now...I've been keeping up with the a2z posts!  Amazing!  I thought I'd do a run-down.  Ready?  Awesome, Blessing, Changes, Declaration, Expression, Friend, Gyno, Hands, I as in Me, and Jesus.  Doesn't seem like so much listed out.  It does show the many directions my mind goes, though, for sure.  As I was pondering K, the only thing that kept popping up was kelp of all things.  Kelp?  Why kelp?  So...I thought I would go for it.  Why not?  Actually, I thought kelp was a fish.  Ha!  So not.

Kelp is algae that grows in the ocean in underwater forests.  So anyway, there you go.  That is kelp.

Last night I went with my husband to visit a friend who just had surgery.  Actually, he was still in surgery so we met with his family who was waiting, none too patiently.  I wouldn't know about that.  I'm the one who is always in surgery.

Afterwards, we walked around Best Buy and Walmart and I checked out the Kindles, planting appropriate seeds as we went along.  I'm pretty sure my husband got the hint that I want one. He said my birthday is coming up.  So maybe...  :) The problem is, do I really?  What is the draw?  I've been reading Ebooks on my computer now.  Waterbrook has gone to electronic books for their reviewers.  I was irritated at first but now it's kind of fun and different.  I'm all into changes.  That's just me.  Oh, that was my C word, after all.  :)  and there are lots of books that can be downloaded free from Christianbooks.com and Amazon.  FREE!  Did you hear that?

Jim and I stood over the counter trying to avoid the glare, to figure out the differences between the two Kindles.  There is the Kindle for $114 and then the Kindle for $139.  Now I see online that the Nook has one for $114 also.  Now come on.  How am I supposed to choose?  But with Barnes and Noble out of the picture, that makes it kind of scary.  I saw cheaper Ereaders but I don't think I would choose one of those.

It's not bad reading these books on my computer, except I can't read, like...in my car when my husband's in the hardware store. I also can't pull it out for a quick peek at the doctor's office.  :(  No, a Kindle would be much nicer.

I've been finding myself falling asleep at night with the computer on my lap, too, while reading.  Falling asleep with a 'book' in your lap, when the 'book' is your computer, is sooo not a good thing!

Okay, so this is what I'm asking.  Do you enjoy your Kindle?  I've waited long enough so I'm pretty sure they're tried and true and going to be around.  What's the differences between the two?  I have WiFi at home, so it would be good to get the lower cost one, right?  So confused...

Anyway, K is for lots more things than kelp and Kindle, I'm pretty sure.  I just couldn't think of anything else. I peeked at other people's posts and they wrote about kitties and kooky and krazy and kickstands.  Theirs might be a whole lot more interesting than mine!  I would appreciate input, though.  I'll only get this one chance, if I get the chance at all.  So I have to choose right.  I feel like a little kid in a candy store.  "Ooooo!  Ahhhhhh!"  Can you see me on my tippie toes looking over the counter trying to decide what I want?
Yup, that's me!

Until next week...

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