X Marks the Spot!

>> Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm a little late for AzZ post this week.  Go see Peej's blog for other 'on time' X posts.  And now, my post that has been on my heart all week but I've been squishing it down because I had no time or energy to write it.

X marks the spot.  Actually, not on a pirate map, though.  It marks the place on my heart from all the times it's been touched this week.

I've been missing church lately.  When school starts, I get slammed down physically, emotionally, and mentally.  Because of that, it's hard for me to get there.  With harvest  full force the last couple of months, Jim hasn't gone, and with no kids at home, I've been staying in bed asleep.  You know, the longer you don't do something, the harder it is to start doing it?  It is true.  Last Sunday, honestly, I could have gone.  I didn't feel quite as bad as normal.

Complacency hit me.

I was pretty safe in my bed.  I was secure knowing the extra sleep would help me get through my work week better.  I was placing my trust in myself instead of placing it in God.  What I needed more than anything was to get my gas tank filled up with the Word at church.  I needed to be around Christian friends and family.  I needed the hugs and back poundings (even though they make me wince.)  I needed that physical contact.  I needed corporate worship no matter how I felt.  I've gone to church barely able to walk before.  I've held onto Jim's arm.  I've wilted onto his shoulder.  I've sat through worship.  I've done what I've had to do.  I've been present or maybe not so present.  I've been there.  Complacency beat me this time.

Anyway, tuggings right at the heart are drawing me back.  One tug at a time.  One FB writer friend shared some verses from Psalms with me on my wall.  It was very timely and she had no idea what was going on.  Well, she will  now:)  A close friend from church who keeps me accountable, texted me last Sunday to check on me.  Another close friend asked me out of the blue if I went to church that day.  I had to admit, no, I didn't.  It made me feel good to know that she reached out of herself and her own hard circumstances to hold me accountable.

One morning, as I was getting ready for school, a FB PM popped up from my pastor.  He wanted to encourage me in the Lord.  He knows I have health problems and I hadn't been there in a while.  That really meant lots because our church is so big.

You see, X marks the spot right to my heart.  People reached out to me, each in his/her own way, and drew me in.  God used them to draw out the complacency.  It was like an antibiotic for my soul.  I am so very grateful for them.

So, X marks the spot.  God used lots of people, more than I wrote about here, to touch my heart.  I'll be sitting in church this week, no matter how I feel.  You can count on that.  And now I'll be ready to be hit hard by the old trouble-maker himself.  I might need some prayer.  Yikes!  Anyway, X marks the spot.

I'm trying to Nano my way to 50,000 words this month.  I can use some prayer for that too.  Until next week for the letter....ummm...Y - See ya!

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