>> Thursday, February 12, 2009

This is what can happen if your vision blurs while driving. It's not good or good on your vehicle. I drive dizzy lots but I also know my limits. If I feel I can't drive - I don't. I do know how to call my husband and he's used to it.

This morning as I was reading my Bible I found this verse. Actually, I've read it lots of time but it just rang different this time in The Message.

Pilippians 15-16
So "let's keep focused on that goal, those of us who want everything God has for us. If any of you have something else in mind, something less than total commitment, God will clear your blurred vision—you'll see it yet! Now that we're on the right track, let's stay on it."

See, when our vision blurs, we get thrown off track. We might even start down the wrong road - maybe even a one-way-road. That's not good. (I can tell you that by personal experience:)

Phil. 17-19"Stick with me, friends. Keep track of those you see running this same course, headed for this same goal. There are many out there taking other paths, choosing other goals, and trying to get you to go along with them. I've warned you of them many times; sadly, I'm having to do it again. All they want is easy street. They hate Christ's Cross. But easy street is a dead-end street. Those who live there make their bellies their gods; belches are their praise; all they can think of is their appetites."

I want clear vision all the time. Driving through fog, heavy rain, snowstorms, and blurry vision is hard, much harder than what we can handle at times. Paul says to make things easier for us, find others on the same course as you. Don't follow the wrong people. That can most definitely be disastrous.

Drive safe. Know your limits. Turn around if you have to, until it's safe. Watch the weather. Help out others you might see stranded along the road after having their own bout of blurred vision. We've all been there.

God is always with us. Ever present in times of trouble. He is THE ONE we should follow ultimately and then find others on that same path, others that can help us and we can help them. We're not meant to drive on a lonely desert road. God wants us to help each other along.

Maybe we need our vision checked today. Make sure our vision isn't blurred.

Phil. 20-21"But there's far more to life for us. We're citizens of high heaven! We're waiting the arrival of the Savior, the Master, Jesus Christ, who will transform our earthy bodies into glorious bodies like his own. He'll make us beautiful and whole with the same powerful skill by which he is putting everything as it should be, under and around him."

This is what keeps us in the driver's seat. Don't bail out now. He just might be coming today. We never know. Don't give up hope now. The finish line might be just around the corner. Don't give up. Press on. Hang in there.

Press on. Hang in there.
Press on. Hang in there. (Can you tell, I'm talking to me?)
Press on. Hang in there. (Can you tell I'm talking to you?)
Press on. Hang in there.
But not only just hang on - grab hold of life.
Enjoy the drive. Look at the scenery.
Wave as you pass your neighbor. Smile. Giggle. Enjoy.

Press on. Hang in there.
Wave. Smile. Giggle.
Enjoy - that's my prayer today. Amen. So be it.

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