And on the Third Day..., Esther chpt. 5

>> Sunday, March 22, 2009

eI woke up from a nap today thinking about Esther and I knew today was the day to go on.

Many were praying and fasting for Esther. It was a matter not to be taken lightly. A whole Jewish nation was at stake. I'm sure there were some that prayed but didn't really believe. Maybe they started to resign themselves to death. But still they prayed. There was nothing else they could do. They were at the very end of the rope. The only thing that stood between life and death was a girl. Yes, I'm sure there were many doubts.

And on the third day... Sound familiar? Wow. It's in chapter 5 if you don't believe me, verse 1. On the third day... Esther walked in and the king saw her right away and he was happy. He held out his scepter and she touched it. He was ready to give her half his kingdom if that's what she asked.

Were her knees knocking under her dress? I wonder what kind of self-doubts went through her head. What was she thinking at those final steps, as she walked into the room? God used her in mighty ways because of her faithfulness. And she wasn't alone. She had a support group. Friends and family prayed for her. Faithfully.

There is much left to this book. I would suggest you read it. Lots of mystery and intrigue. But what jumped out at me was the support system that Esther had. And you know what else? That we can freely go to our King anytime we want with no fear whatsoever. And He welcomes us. We are His children. And since He's the King, that makes us Princes and Princesses. What an honor.

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