Be Careful Who You ask...; Esther 1

>> Sunday, March 1, 2009

I need to go backwards in Esther now. I jumped ahead with my last blog:) The main personalities in chapter 1 and a small bit of 2 is:

  • King Xerxes
  • Queen Vashti
  • The King's Counselors, wise in legal matter
King Xerxes chose a period of six months to open up his Palace to show off his great wealth. At the end of that time, he threw a week-long party Eating and drinking was the top priority. At the same time, Queen Vashti was throwing her own party for the women. On that seventh day, the king was giddy and drunk and ordered his Queen come to him so he could show off her great beauty but the woman refused. Imagine that:)

Side note: Joanne at An Open Book shared Jewish lore about Queen Vashti. It was said that she was told to come out only in her crown. No wonder she didn't follow her husband, the King's orders.

This was unheard of. No one dared go against an order of the great King Xerxes. He was embarrassed in front of his guests. He asked his counselors who took care of his legal matters what he should do. They gave him this advice:

"It's not only the king Queen Vashti has insulted, it's all of us, leaders and people alike in every last one of King Xerxes' provinces. The word's going to get out: 'Did you hear the latest about Queen Vashti? King Xerxes ordered her to be brought before him and she wouldn't do it!' When the women hear it, they'll start treating their husbands with contempt. The day the wives of the Persian and Mede officials get wind of the queen's insolence, they'll be out of control. Is that what we want, a country of angry women who don't know their place? (Esther 1:16-18)

A country full of unruly women - that couldn't happen. So it was decreed that Queen Vashti would be banned and another woman replace her, one that knew her place. This is what King Xerxes had to say, "Every man is master of his own house; whatever he says, goes." (Esther 2:1)

But you know what? When he sobered up and realized what he did, he regretted it. I'm thinking he really should have found better counsel.

I've sought out bad counsel before. Have you? When we want someone to agree and tell us we're right - we know who to go to, don't we? And when we want truthful answers, we avoid those people and go to the ones that are faithful and honest and truly know our hearts and who will
disagree with us even though we may get mad at them for a bit. Have friends like that? I hope so. I sure do.

The King regretted acted so quickly on the advice of his counselors. Now he lost his beautiful Queen and would have to start all over again:) Oh boy... What a problem. But anyway...

I say today, be careful who you seek counsel:

  • Make sure they are wise and Godly.
  • Find someone who will take your chin and point it up towards God.
  • Don't act too quickly and regret your decisions later.
  • Stay in the Word.
  • Pray.
  • Seek Godly counsel.
  • Be careful who you ask....
(All verses taken from The Message)

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