Grade School Memories:)

>> Saturday, July 25, 2009

That is SUCH a bummer. It's tough to grow up and have to spend your money on bills instead of a new CD (or a new record as was my case when I was young) or book. When did it happen? When did I grow up? Ergh. Well, I know I pushed for it when I was younger. I wanted to be older but now I've become much wiser. Now I think skipping rope or blowing bubbles sounds like a much better idea.

I'm much better at postponing what I HAVE to do - so I guess that's the kid in me trying to push through all the left-over baby fat (meaning the fat left after having three babies, of course. It doesn't matter that the youngest is now 16:)

Oh to be young and have little to no responsibilities again. I've been reading through my old diaries. They are pretty funny. I don't have too many memories of my childhood so the diaries helped stir some up. I have a friend from grade school, Marnita, that just found me on Face Book. She's told me stories that I really should remember but I don't. How strange is that? We went to Grant School in Danville, Illinois. She said she was standing in the front of the line for recess and her finger got caught in the door. She told me this - I have no recollection of it at all - she said I opened the door. I saved her, I guess:) Poor little fingers. Ouch.

She reminded me of one boy that would poke his pencil into his hand. Wouldn't you know - I kind of remember that one. And I do remember my very first boyfriend from second grade. His name was George. I'm pretty sure he chased me around the playground. LOL. Memories...Summertime brings out some of these memories. Ah, the good old days:)

Remember playing four-square? How about Chinese jump rope? We rode our bikes lots and lots. We played in dirt and stole the squirrels nuts. There were also lots of box turtles by where I used to live. I haven't seen many around here. And bats... ewww... bats... 'nuff said:)

I do remember not so fond things, too. Oh ouch. I got my hand slapped with a ruler by my teacher once. I'm sure I got my share of spankings, too. Oh, and a flick/pinch when we didn't sit still in church. The silent weapon of mother's. In fact, I think that's still in use today.

I guess I better quit putting off what I HAVE to do now. Even though I'd rather it be the other way around. Maybe I'll just lay here in the air conditioning some more. I don't hear anyone growling yet that they're hungry - but rats - I'm getting hungry. Guess I have to take clothes off the line and start supper.

What childhood memories do you have?

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