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>> Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I made it to the end of the school year 2011.  It's been a couple of years since I've completed a WHOLE year so this is a major accomplishment.  One person that's helped me attempt to keep my sanity is my lunch buddy.  That's her to the right, no - that's the left:  Kim Holmes.  She's been great to talk to and listen to - well, maybe listen to mostly because she's an awesome talker and I'm a pretty good listener so we're a good combination.

Also, we had a Science teacher defect from the Jr. High, Diana Holl.  She was right next to my room and she was life-saver, too, even though she attempted to fill my head with DNA and RNA and photosynthesis... you get the picture.  I think, if I were to be graded, I just may have gotten an A:)  Maybe an A-.  It was fun to work with her and reteach what she taught over and over and over....  to a bazillion students.  Well, five, six?  :)

I had a favorite study hall: 7/8.  We worked super hard every day, contrary to ummm... never mind:)  I'm really going to miss that group of kids.  That's the crazy bunch minus one (that's them to the right.  See?  I really do know my right's and left's)  The girls would group around my desk and I would multi-task to help them with their homework.  That's my desk that they're around in the picture, actually.  If you can picture four girls hovering around me vying for my attention - then you can imagine my Mondays through Fridays.

Tomorrow starts finals.  Ahhhhh.... I am sooo glad the year is about over.  That's what's so great about my job.  I get to work with really super teens and then I get to be away from them for a whole glorious summer and I'm always ready to see them again when summer's over.  I'm very thankful for the kids I work with and I pray that God will keep them safe this summer until we come back together again next school year.  That's my prayer.  Please God, help them make good choices and keep them safe.

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