Will You Meet Me Here?

>> Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday morning I woke up early and went for a walk while everyone else slept.  I donned my tennis shoes and took off to parts slightly known.  I went to the dock and watched the sights for a bit.  It was pretty.  It was okay.  Just okay.

I then took off into the neighborhood but the sea called me.  I was drawn to the beach.  I took off my tennis shoes and sat on the steps and watched a bit but I couldn't stop there.  I had to go down into the sand and then into the water.  I walked down the shore.  I'm not sure how far.  Walks on the beach doesn't seem a chore like it is walking down our barren country road with corn and beans on each side of me.

The waves lapped up onto my bare feet.  I kept hearing God say to me

Will you meet me here?  

Yes, Lord, I'm here.

Just be, Laury.  Just walk.  See?  There's no shells in your way to distract you.  Look at My Majesty.  Enjoy the waves.  The whitecaps.  The sea salt in the air.  Just be.

I held out my arms and felt the wind.  I praised and worshiped Him.  It was wondrous.

I soon discovered it was easy to keep walking with the wind at my back.  When I turned back around, the sea sprayed at me and the rain had started to come down pretty good.

I had my tennis shoes so I stuffed them with my cell phone and camera to keep them dry and I walked the half mile back to the house barefoot.  Even that was refreshing.  It was a good morning.

I'm so glad I listened to God and followed His voice through the mighty ocean roar.  No still small voice today.

Will you meet Him where you are?

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