See, I am doing a new thing!

>> Saturday, July 6, 2013

Today starts my new journey.  I was approached about trying Medifast and I accepted the challenge - for 30 days, at least.  I've known for about a week now and during this time, I've been reading up on their website and on the foods.  I've also been eating up all the contraband in the house.  Last night, I had my 'last pizza.' On the 4th, we went to DQ and I had my 'last blizzard.'  It's really pathetic how I'm thinking.  It's a good thing my order came finally, because I'm to the point now where the 'lasts' keep coming up and it's getting really old -I'm so done.  I'm ready to forge on ahead to a healthier body. I'm eating more now than I regularly eat just because I know I won't be able to soon.  See?

While I waited, I Googled other women's blogs about their weight loss journeys with Medifast.  I'm not sure that was a good idea because now I'm scared.  Some were encouraging.  Some weren't.  That's to be expected, I suppose.  But at least every blog I read said the food was good.  That's the most important thing.  The foods must be good.  :)  I have to be on my own though, for one meal a day.  The lean and green meal.  That's a little scary.  I think the easiest will be to just do the meat and the vegetables at first.  Basic.  That's the plan.

That's my food order.  It came yesterday when Nik was home.  He wasn't impressed.  He's trying to gain weight.  Oh to be young and thin.  Sigh...  I can do this.  I have great willpower when I want it.  When I'm challenged.  I can always rise to a challenge.

I've lost weight in the past but then life happens and I turn to food to get myself through it.  That is a very dumb thing to do and it doesn't help.  All it does is make me feel bad about myself and make my body feel very out of whack.  I'm going to be 50 in August.  Oh my!  That's next month.  Wow!  Okay.  Now is as good a time as any to start moving forward on many things in my life, not just food.

In order to do that, move forward I mean, I have to let God be in control of every part of my life.  Last night a portion of a verse was floating in my mind and I found it.  I'm claiming it this month as mine.  To stand on.  To hold onto, even as the wind blows and tries to knock me off course.

“Forget the former things;
do not dwell on the past.
See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland." --  Isaiah 43:18, 19 NIV

Mari did such a good job on my blog header that it still fits my life after all this time.  On this new phase on my journey, I will need lots and lots of patience, strength, a great deal of hope and courage to continue on when I want to quit.  So here goes!  The journey has started...

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