Dominoes Anyone?

>> Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Today is day 51 of B90X.  I'm cruising right through Isaiah.  We are over half way through the Bible already!  That's a pretty big accomplishment for 90 days!  I'm already thinking how I want to read it when I'm finished.  Let me tell you, it will be much slower so I can take my time to study some things.  I'm thoroughly enjoying this, though.  I'm thinking I'd like to start the new year this way every January.

Any one want to come play with me today?  I have the day off.  If so, follow me over to our brand new group blog, Jewels of Encouragement.  I'll be setting up the dominoes.  Come on over, not only today but every day!

Each day of the week we will have a different Christian woman posting an encouraging message for all of us in each walk of life that we are in for "such a time as this."  I know almost all of the women and they are pretty fantastic, let me tell you!  I'm excited to be a part of this group.  Don't be shy.  We love to hear how an article has touched you.  Or maybe you have a question you'd like to ask.  We'd even accept criticism:)  Really truly.  Okay.  Enough talk.  Let's go play!

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