>> Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Today is Tuesday which makes a very good day to celebrate the letter T.  Go on over to Peej's blog to see more T posts!

Yesterday as I was driving to school, I was praying for a certain friend.  She's a fighter of injustices and is very upset right now at how some things are going.  I don't know details.  She just asked me to pray so that's what I was doing.  God knows it all.  He doesn't need me to know anything more than I do.

Funny thing is, I described her as the Lone Ranger to God.  I prayed that she wouldn't feel that way.  Even the Lone Ranger had Tonto at his side.  This friend has God, of course.  The Holy Spirit is constantly filling her, giving her the words to say whenever she speaks - but sometimes we need a Tonto.  I'm not sure if she has one but I hope she does.

No one ever remembers Lucy without Ethel or Fred without Barney.  We were made to work together.  Be a team.  Hold each other up.  Be accountable.  Once in a while, sing the other's praises and then turn the tables and the other do the same.  It's not a one-way street.

There wouldn't have been a Lone Ranger without Tonto.  Tonto was the right-hand man.  Lucy wouldn't have been nearly as funny without Ethel at her side.  I'm sure we all would turn off the television sets without the crazy DUO.  Can't have one without the other.

There are Tontos in our husbands, wives, friends...  God gave us each other for a purpose, to meet needs in different ways, in ways that others can't.  Amazing ways.  I am so grateful for the many God has put in my life.  I wouldn't be able to make it without my Tontos.  And in turn, I am a Tonto to many.

Look a moment into your friendships.  Do you acknowledge the Tontos there?  Do you see maybe you are taking advantage and now it's time to be Tonto yourself?  Just for a bit at least?  October is Pastor Appreciation month.  This is an excellent time to encourage and build up our Lone Rangers/Tontos Pastors.  Many times, especially in small churches, they are both rolled up into one - sad to say.

I'm in an awesome church where the leadership all works together as one.  There is NO one Lone Ranger but they all take turns being Lone Rangers/Tontos.  Since this is my blog, I will take the time to appreciate my pastors at First Christian Church: Greg Taylor, Kent Hickerson, Ernie Harvey, and Adam Brucker -- all great men of God - truly!

AND, thank you, my loyal a2z readers, for encouraging me in this meme journey.  Until we meet again - 
"Hi Yo Silver, away!"

And a fun song to leave on...

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