Victory or Vaporization?

>> Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Today is the end of my seven week stint.  It remains to be seen how it will play out.  Anyone want to write the conclusion for me?  I can give you a scenario.  I have a cold.  I'm run down.  The kids are excited about their teacher coming back because it gives them some ray of hope that maybe she doesn't get grouchy like I do.  Ha ha!  Good luck there, kiddos!

Will this be a day of victory or will the kids vaporize me? Will adults win out or will students prevail?   Will see you at the same bat time - same bat channel:)

And you can see other, much better V posts at Peej's blog, but you better hurry in case they are vaporized too!  You never know about this day.  You just never know!

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