Under a Week!

>> Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last week I talked about the Tontos in my life.  I certainly depend on them.  God put each and every one in my path for just the right time to speak just the right word.  He continues to do that.  Tonight I had a friend call me.  She always lifts me up and speaks into my life.  She usually challenges me too.  That part isn't always so pleasant.  HAHA:)  But it is so very needed, you know?  That's a true friend.

Sometimes a friend doesn't even have to say a word, just sitting beside you is enough - just like Charlie Brown and Snoopy over there.  I love that picture:)

Sometimes God puts us all alone so we have to cling to Him.  I experienced that a couple weeks ago as I got in the van to drive to school.  It was pea soup.  Just horrible.  I had no idea it was bad out until I got going.  I couldn't call anyone or text.  There was NO WAY my hands could let go of that steering wheel.  All of my senses had to focus on the road.  I was scared.  It was just me and God.  God and me.  When I got onto the main road, I realized just how bad it was.  A car went by and I didn't see it until it was right on me.  Talk about scared.  It was one of those days you just pray and then gun it.  Scary.  Anyway, some days, God wants it like that.  He reminds us that HE is all we need.  He is always but He also gives us others.  He is so awesome!

Okay, let me turn away from spiritual for a bit:)  Today isn't T day.  It's U and I was having trouble with U.  Well, not with U personally.  Ummm...U know what I mean.  Shut up:)  Ugh.  Haha.  Okay.  All I could think about was underwear and I'm certainly NOT going to write about underwear!  Not about granny panties or tightie whities!  Nope!  Not going there!!!  See me not going there?

Okay!  Now then. Seriously.  I will go here.  Right now I'm kind of in a bad spot.  I'm with some people who have experienced things that I can't even imagine.  I feel at a loss how to help.  I'm at the end of my rope.  I hear that's where God is though.  Just waiting to catch me when I fall.  I can't say anything more here.  If you ask me personally I'll tell you but just suffice it to say - I would really appreciate your prayers!

I have UNDER a week - see?  That's where the U comes in.  And I'm pretty happy for the UNDER a week business.  I will have fulfilled a commitment that God laid on my heart, partially anyway.  I'll still be there but not in the same capacity.  It will be very freeing to let go of the responsibility.

Soooo...I will continue to trust God and give Him full control.  And I will keep breathing.  Keep breathing... I might need to be reminded of that if you see me around.  Keep breathing...Keep swimming...Maybe even remind me to let go of the rope if you see me hanging for dear life and the ground is like a foot under me:)

Now go on over the Peej's blog to see the other U posts.  I betcha no one had the nerve to write about Underwear!  I just betcha!  See you next week if not before!

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