>> Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ernesto by baracutay00.My life is set. At least I'm pretty sure it is. My husband was born and raised in Tabor, Illinois. Not sure you'll find it on the map but you can try. We live right across from ADM grain elevator where he works. He's worked there since he was out of high school. We did live next door to his mom but she died recently so we are now the only ones left in our little town. When we first got married we lived between both sets of parents. That was better than a kick in the pants;) Really:) I can't imagine Jim ever wanting to move anywhere else. I'm pretty sure we're set here for life.

I have two friends, though, whose lives are up in the air. Shirley's been homeless for awhile now. Her and her family have been living with different friends and her husband's parents for a bit. But she does have a move date -- October 1st! They'll be moving into a brand new apartment building. I am so happy for her. She's withstood the hardships and will soon be rewarded.

And October 1st, Mari will just be beginning her homelessness. Her and her husband are trying to listen to God and go where He has for them. It just seems things are a bit out of order. I'm so close to both Shirley and Mari and it hurts so much to see them go through such hard times.

All through the ages God has asked His people to do things that seem out of order. There was Abraham who had to pick up and move his family without knowing where they were going. Moses was told to go help his people without knowing the plan of attack. Peter's name was changed to, "The Rock." He certainly didn't live up to that name as he was denying that he even knew Jesus.

All were framed by God - God-framed. And I see Mari and Shirley's lives God-framed too. All of our lives are God-framed when we allow Him to be at the helm. When we look back, I pray we'll all be able to see how God used us through the really rough times in our lives. I see us in a picture frame. In it is each of us with God's hand on our shoulders or perhaps we are sitting in His Hand.

I love it when I see His plans come together. I am so very glad to be God-framed.

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