The Dark Side

>> Friday, October 3, 2008

With many urging me to come over, I finally succumbed to the "dark side." The Starbucks side, that is. I have proof. This is my second bottled frappuccino in two days. Yesterday on our trip to Chicago to see the doctor, Beckie dared me to buy one and I gave in. I trusted her and she was right. I liked it. It was a caramel frapp. Today I got a dark chocolate mocha. Is that funny or what? I knew Mari, Laura, Beckie, Shirley, and Kristen would appreciate knowing how their gentle encouragings has sent me over the edge:)

Okay, I must admit that I went to McDonalds for lunch because I had a free coupon for a coffee. I have to say, as if I'm an expert, that McDonalds coffees are bitter. Mari helped me figure that out. I felt it was strong but she said it's probably more a bitter taste. I'm sure that's it. Although they are cheaper and more readily available than Starbucks in central Illinois, Starbucks fans are right -- it is worth the money to drink their coffee. Oh boy, as if I'm such an expert on coffee now. Too funny!

I had my shunt tapped yesterday. The pressure was up just a bit but even a little is enough to send my body into a tailspin. It does not like the higher pressures for sure. Today I woke up feeling like my head was clear for once! Am excited about that and am praying that this relief will last a long while.

This time my trip with Beckie was just twelve hours instead of 24. It's always an adventure when she takes me, though. Well, she may have gotten me to try bottled Starbucks but I got her hooked on texting -- so I think we are now even:) She had fun texting Mari while I lay with a needle in my side being drained (my lube job.) We had lots of fun and I thank Beckie so very much.

Maybe I'll be seeing you on the "dark side."

Cha cha cha!

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