If Only..., Contentment Part 2

>> Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Oh man, if only we win the cruise…. " I’ve been repeating this phrase a lot lately. I can’t help it. I really, really do want to win that cruise to Mexico, but you know what? I had no idea how badly I wanted to win it until I saw the button advertising the contest. Not a clue. I was perfectly content with Mari coming to see me in Illinois. And I will be content with her coming here if we don’t win. I’ll be so very happy to see her. BUT I WANT TO WIN! If we don’t win, Mari knows she’s going to have to scrape me up off the floor. (November 1st is THE day we find out. Just in case you have one little bit of curiosity) And you know, if we do win, all of you are going to get very tired of hearing about it. Sorry in advance.

But anyway… we always think something else will make us happy. Is it just me or is everyone easily swayed by things they see? The other night Jim and I were watching a how things are made show on the History Channel. They were showing some of the secrets of Krispie Kremes. Did you know that the delectable donuts go through a glazing machine? Yumm… I told Jim I would love to go through that machine myself. Ummm… never mind. This is a PG blog. I’ll stop there. But do you know what I did today? I broke open a container of biscuits, you know – the POP! kind and I fried them up and drowned them in sugar. This isn’t a good time to remind everyone that I’m on a diet, right? So I look good for our cruise, which we’re going to win. See? I'm easily swayed.

In my last blog entry I began to talk about contentment. This is the second in the series. If you have any thoughts, feel free to chime in. Let’s all learn together. I’ll begin to get into the meat of the matter in the next entry, I promise. For today, this is my Sunday musings: some fun thoughts as my mind meanders.

My mind is especially hurting today, too. It’s been a really rough weekend. Would I be happier, more content if my headaches suddenly went away? It makes sense. By the world’s view, it would have been much better if I never had them in the first place. In reality, my chronic headaches have brought me much growth and maturity. I’ve also met some really outstanding friends that I probably never would have met otherwise. I do say at times, “Okay God. Enough already. Will You please take them away now.” But He’s strangely quiet on the subject and I still struggle and do lots of moaning and whining.

If only… then things would be so much better. If only… What do you “if only…” about? I would love it if you shared.

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