Delivered! - My First Published Work!!!!

>> Monday, January 11, 2010

I've been gone lately - to the University of Chicago Hospital.  I had two surgeries and in the hospital too many days.  I'm back home recovering now.  Maybe I'll be ready to talk about it soon but for now - SO NOT!
A good piece of news in the dark is that I've finally been published. This is my first published work!  I'm so excited.  I am one of many who contributed to this book, many are friends of mine.  
Here is the blurb on the back of the book.  The one in red is mine:)
An immigrant and her young daughter, struggling to reach their dream…a special needs child, searching for hope…a girl, desperate to escape a drug gang…a newly released ex-con, seeking forgiveness. They have one thing in common—they’re about to be touched by God in a way they never imagined.

All through a simple postcard.

Brought up in a strict Muslim home in London, Sulafa has recently experienced the transforming power of Jesus Christ. Now, despite fear of discovery and its consequences, she knows she has to spread the good news. In an act of bravery, she sends out postcards with a single message: Let me pray for you. Her simple postcard request impacts lives and brings hope in the midst of hopelessness.

The second of many anticipated books from Peculiar People, Delivered is a collection of short stories that intertwine to deliver a single message. It is the work of twenty-five authors with one united voice, proclaiming the power of God to transform lives, and His ability to do the miraculous in the most ordinary of circumstances.

I'm ordering the copies I want soon.  If you would like to buy a book - I would be forever grateful.  I'm off work with no pay now so this is coming at a good time.  Hopefully it can help out until I get back in two weeks.  Besides that - I'm just excited to see my name in print.

Some characters I used in my story were formed from some really great kids I have worked with.  The story is totally not real.  I conglomerated some personalities to form a totally fictionally person and it's written from a student's point of view.

I can't wait to see the copy in print and in my hands.  I need to just do it.  Maybe when I get this done, even.  Thank you for sharing in this joy with me.  I hope and pray it's only the beginning of a great writing career and that this last surgery is the beginning of a pain-free year.  Much to be joyful about, I just have to crawl out of the hole so I can. 

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