>> Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Well, it took many hours to come up with an E word this week.  Not sure why.  I have F done to come up by itself while I'm at camp next week, but E, that was a different story.  There are lots of E posts that you can find over at Ordinary Lives just waiting to be read but while you're here - let me share E with you - EXPRESSIONS.

We all use EXPRESSIONS in our lives.  "Well, that just takes the cake!"  or one that's really been overused lately, "Man up!"  How about this one: "What's the damage?"  That's what my husband's going to ask me when he gets home from work.  I had a doctor's appointment in town and then had time to kill before a hair appointment. ugh...Nuff said:)  

Anyway...there are other kinds of EXPRESSIONS - the kind you learned in Math class.  I know, it's summertime and we really shouldn't be subjected to that word - Math.  **shivers**  Just sayin' - Math EXPRESSIONS like 1 + 3 is 4.  That's not too hard, right?  Okay, I'll move on.  See.  This is me moving on.  Changing paragraphs and EVERYTHING! 

There are also EXPRESSIONS of love and friendship.  That's what I really wanted to talk about.  Jim gave me flowers when we were dating and even now, sometimes.  Occasionally;)
My husband's way he EXPRESSES his love for me is mowing the yard, putting up the dishes, or changing oil in the vehicles...  It's important to understand EACH other's love languages for sure in marriage:) 

At camp a couple week's ago, a guest showed me her EXPRESSION of friendship in sign language.  I love that picture!  I miss Gloria lots, by the way:(  

With another friend, she writes an EMAIL a night to me to show her EXPRESSION of  friendship and love and I write one back to her in the morning.  We usually share what happened in our day and what will happen the next day.  We will share our hopes and dreams... or secrets that no one else will ever ever hear.

So you see, EXPRESSIONS are very important.  Oh, I forgot!  There are other expressions.  

Silly ones.  
Sad ones. 
 Happy and 
mad ones. 
 Let's go out 
with a bang!  

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