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>> Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The day this post comes up, I will be six hours away from home at the Wisconsin Special Touch Get Away.  I'm sure I'll be tired but getting to know the group of women who are in my care and coming to care for them lots if not loving them a ton already.  At the Illinois Get Away, at every chapel service we sang, FRIEND of God.  It lingers in my mind even now so of course, for the letter F, I had to let you listen to it, too.

All of us became FRIENDS FAST at Special Touch camp in Illinois and I"m sure here in WI because God is our FRIEND and we are His.  He gave us these FANTASTIC weeks to learn and grow and just have a great time in Him.  Because of that, it makes us happy.  While I'm at camp, you can sing along to this song and pray for us.  That would be very much be appreciated.  I might be in chapel praising God while you're reading this or eating.  Maybe I'll be with one of the guests tubing down the river.  Maybe:)  Could be I'll be in the craft room or if it's late enough, I'll be sound asleep.

Press the refrigerator magnet link at the top to read what F words others have written.  It's amazing how unique they are every single week!

See you -- when I get home:)

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