>> Thursday, September 1, 2011

Finally!  I've achieved something I've not ever achieved before - a level of organization!  For another month I will be substituting for a class at school while the teacher is on maternity leave.  I've never been so organized in all my life.  I have everything planned for the week and even into the next.  It feels great!

I can't say it flows into the rest of my life though.  I'm a piler at home.  I know where everything is - don't get me wrong.  I suppose I'm an organized clutterer.  Is there such a thing?

I have a routine down now and it helps so much to have as much done at night as I can. I know what exactly (to the second) what time I need to wake up to get things done.  I can even get to school early.  That means no speeding to make it just in time.  Of course, it is just the end of the second week.  The newness hasn't worn off yet.  Give me time.  Soon I'll be sleeping in as long as possible, I'm sure, and pressing my luck with the speedometer.

I'm having an awesome time with the class but I'll be ready to hand the reigns to the teacher and slip back into the aide position.  And that planner picture I found online.  It's so not true.  From the beginning, well, after I flailed around a bit, I've let God be in control.  Things have gone much smoother since I did that.  It's not perfect because I'm not perfect and the kids aren't either but we're sharing some laughs and learning lots so I suppose that's what matters.

So you see, O is for ORGANIZATION.  If only I could get a handle on things at home.  I'm sure my life would go much more smoothly there too, but until then, I will delight in my success at school and thank God for being with me each step of my days and thank all of you for praying for me too.  

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