Really Great Unfinisher is Finishing!!!

>> Tuesday, September 20, 2011

R is for Finishing?  Well, no.  R is for sliding into a REALLY great finish with the a2z meme with Patty over at Ordinary People.  Ha!  But I have nine weeks left.  Rats!  But I am managing to keep up in a REALLY busy time in my life right now.  I knew I'd pull that out of the hat.

I sent out a plea to Jan Ackerson one day for a good book to read with my class at school.  She not only gave me the title, but she sent me the copies too!  Awesome woman, she is!  The kids R loving and hating it at the same time.

Joey is a boy with MAJOR problems.  He has ADHD and his medicine works in the mornings but wears off by the afternoons.  He has an interesting home life, to say the least, which doesn't help his situation at all.  He loves to entertain his classmates.  One day, he learned he could swallow his key then fish it back up his throat.

Now, the author, Jack Gantos, is awesome at describing exactly what is happening and what it looks like.  The girls are grossed out and covering their ears and the boys are giggling.  Today I offered extra credit to one kid if he comes in with a key covered in spaghetti.  He said that would be perfect because he's eating spaghetti tonight at home.  SCORE!  (He did it!  See the picture?  Touchdown!)

Anyway, poor Joey, he tries so very hard to be good but he can't quite do it.  All of us can relate to this book because in our class, we all try hard to be good.  Yes, even me.

You know what I LOVE about Joey Swallowed The Key?  It's hard for me to take it out of the kid's hands.  They, as in the girls who make me think they are so grossed out by it all, want to know what's next, and that, my blogger friends, is a major accomplishment.

I will quote the famous Joey when he hasn't taken his meds,

"Can I get back 
to you on that?"

Sounds like a good ending to me.  Keep on reading! 

 Until next week....  
See ya!

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