Mothers and Daughters

>> Monday, December 29, 2008

My one and only daughter has moved away from home. I suppose it's time, after all, she is 22. It is still really hard. I was going through papers tonight and I found a skit that I wrote that Kristen and I did together at a Mother's Day Banquet at our church in 1995. She would have been about nine years old. When she called tonight I asked her if she remembered doing it. She said yes but wasn't game for a repeat performance. Oh boy:) I thought I would share it. It also gave me lots of insights into our adult mother/daughter relationship now.

I was all drippy typing this. I think I got my keyboard wet. I hope you enjoy:)

Kristen and Mommy

(Face each other)
Mom -- It’s like looking into the past when I look into my daughter’s eyes.
Daughter -- It’s like looking into the future when I look into my mommy’s eyes.
Together -- The same eyes, the same hair, the same hopes, the same dreams.
Mom -- I like to read.
Daughter -- Me too. I like to write.
Mom -- So do I.
Daughter -- I like it when we snuggle up on the couch.
Mom -- I remember doing that with my mom. I remember my mom reading stories to me from the Bible.
Daughter -- We do that -- you read to me.
Mom -- You read to me, too.
Daughter -- I like it when you pray with me.
Mom -- When I was little I prayed, ‘Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I ask Thee Lord, my soul to take.’
Daughter -- That’s silly. That’s not how you talk to a friend.
Mom -- That’s right. We can talk to Jesus just like we talk to each other.
Daughter -- Well, not just like it. I yell at you and stomp my feet.
Mom -- Oh yeah. I yell right back.
(Turn back-to-back)
Daughter -- She yells at me for no reason.
Mom -- She chews with her mouth open and makes annoying noises just to irritate me.
Daughter -- She says we’ll do something and then she keeps saying, ‘Later. I’m busy.’ Yeah, busy with my brothers!
Mom -- She wants to have all of me, all the time. She’s very demanding.
Daughter -- All I want is a little time – time to be with each other.
(Face each other again)
Mom -- There’s never enough time.
Daughter -- You have work.
Mom -- Well, you have school.
Daughter -- There’s baseball practice for the boys.
Mom -- You have piano. We sit and practice together, remember?
Daughter -- We do, don’t we? I forgot.
Mom -- I guess you do have to be demanding because I might forget and not spend that time with you.
Daughter -- I’ll try not to be a pest. I’ll help around the house so we have time to play.
Mom -- That’s a deal.
(Shake hands)
Daughter -- When I’m a mom, I want to be just like you.
Mom -- When you’re a mom, you’ll be better than me.
Daughter -- I love you, Mommy.
Mom -- I love you, Kristen.
(Hug each other)

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