Wicked Fun!

>> Saturday, December 6, 2008

On Sunday, January 18th, Mari and I are going to go see the Broadway play, Wicked. We found fantastic tickets, right in the orchestra section. It is going to be 'wicked' fun! I've never been to a play like this before so I am really looking forward to it.

That's probably about all we will be able to afford to do in Chicago. We weighed our options and decided it was worth it. The rest of the money will go for the hotel, Starbucks, and the dollar menus:)

Mari is flying into Midway Airport on Friday, January 16th. I'll be driving to get her so I need very good weather and I'll be waiting for her flight to come in at 1:00 PM. We're staying in Chicago until after the play and then Mari will be driving us to my house.

On Thursday, Mari will be speaking at our Ladies' Night Out at my church. I'm so excited for everyone here to get to know her. She's speaking about chocolate and friendship. She has to leave early Friday. I think we forgot about that. Oops... We were going to spend the night Thursday night at the hotel again so we would be there for her flight. Oh my goodness. We need to recalculate as Jim's new GPS unit says all the time when Jim doesn't listen to it and strays from it's calculated path:) Mari - did we mess up? Maybe go up as soon as LNO is over. We both could be up later than get up earlier, I think:) You think?

But anyway, those are our plans for January. I can't wait!

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