Taming the Beast Within!

>> Tuesday, July 5, 2011

This week's letter is G and G is for Gyno!  My Gyno, which I visited today, is a good guy.  His name is Don Sielaff.  He's had to see a most unreasonable me on numerous occasions as of late.  Luckily for him, on a visit a couple weeks ago, he was stooped over with a horrible migraine. That may have just saved him from my wrath:)  I'm not kidding, honestly!

He has been given the assignment of taming the beast within me or shooting it dead - whatever it takes!  Today he went over everything that could go wrong during the procedures.

He said to me, "Of course you know all this because you signed the form."

I just nodded my head and smiled.  Yup.  I read every word.  Honestly, if we read and took to heart all that was on those forms, none of us would ever have a surgery or take any medicines - it would be way too scary!

I then walked down the hallway and turned the wrong way (of course) and the nurse had to point me in the right direction.  Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital has a brand new building and it's very nice.

I got 2 pokes, the first missed my vein (of course) but the second made it.  That's very good for me, though.  Now I have a hospital band to wear until my procedure on Thursday.  We have to be at the hospital at 6:30 AM.  That makes it really nice since there is no drinking or eating after midnight and our drive is only twenty minutes:)

Well now you know - G is for GYNO in Laury's world as of late!  GO visit more A2Z meme's.  I can safely say that no one else wrote about gyno for G.  I would appreciate prayers for these procedures.  I'm having a laproscopy done, hystercope, & d&c so I am getting a good work over.

I wrote a story for the FW challenge based on hormonal craziness if you would like to read it.  It is called, Perry's Got it Wrong.  Just click the title and it will take you right there.  I wrote it about 2 AM the morning it was due because I couldn't go to sleep.  I'm living and breathing hormonal craziness.  Praying this doctor can help me:)

Happy July, everyone!!!!

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