Reflections while Mowing:)

>> Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today I mowed. One would think that time could be well spent praying. Sure. Yup. Of course. But first, listen in on my thoughts...

"Veggie tales, veggie tales, veggie tales, veggie tales..."  Are you singing it with me yet?  And then I start making up words because my kids are too old now for me to remember the right ones. Okay, besides that, I like making up silly words to songs.

Of course, that didn't last long. About five minutes into it, I wondered how long I'd been mowing. Ummm...about five minutes, in case you missed that:)

And then, as I close in on a gap, you know - circling around to scoop up that last bit in the area - I break out into - "Dizzy, dizzy, so very dizzy..."  (Busy, busy, verrrry busy... - you know the song:)  Must be a Veggie Tales theme today, I guess. But in all fairness, I was making myself dizzy!

I look out into the yard to admire my handiwork and I realize that what should look like this:

DOESN'T!  It looks more like a haphazard race track with grass clippings flung all over the place. Oh well. My husband can't complain.  Well, he can, but he doesn't do much better than me.  All's good there.

But it's a big yard - no more time for admiration - and off I go again. Around trees and under low-hanging branches.  Ever have one of those moments when you think - "Oops, I hope this isn't a mistake?"  Yeah, well, I got scratched up. If it would have happened just once, that's understandable. You know, live and learn? But to do it over and over again? Wow. Yes, I left my brain inside in the airconditioning.

Another thought - latte. I need a latte. But I overcame that one. At least until I went inside. That was one of the first items of business.

I was driving along, getting the hang of the rhythm and letting my mind wander until...I hit something and it stops me fast. So fast, in fact, I almost get flung off. I have bruises to prove it.  That makes the times the, "Oops, I hope this isn't mistake," is less scary.  No thoughts to this one.  Bang. Done. Lived to tell about it, though. And...I didn't kill the mower. Jim will be so proud or amazed. Yes, amazed. Truly amazed.

I did get a little praying done. I prayed that I wouldn't get too burnt. Prayed I wouldn't kill the mower. Prayed that my silly decisions wouldn't cause an accident. Prayed that my husband would rise up and call me blessed when he saw all I accomplished. Prayed I would stay alive to hear the blessing.

And then I stopped.  Wobbly, I got off the mower.  My hands still shake from the vibration.  I had so many thoughts that raced through  my mind on that mower. Lots of bloggy ideas, but, alas, they stayed in the grass clippings, I do believe. All you get here are the crazy, random reflections while mowing the grass:)

By the way, it was a close call, but I didn't plow into the pool.  Phew. Maybe I should go jump into it now. Then I can write my next blog: Reflections while Floating on Back:)

P.S. I did all I'm going to do. It's up the He-Man to get 'er done the rest of the way. And FYI: the only thing he told me about it was, "Next time mow blowing the clippings out so they don't bunch up and burn up the belt." O boy. I'm such a blessing. There. I said it. I feel better now:)

P.S.S.  He-Man did thank me later, much later:) A very nice thank you. Gotta love him.

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