Sixteen Brides, Bethany House Book Review

>> Thursday, June 3, 2010

Late last night I finished reading, Sixteen Brides, by Stephanie Grace Whitson.  Bethany House is a wonderful supplier of awesome books, by the way.

Sixteen Brides focuses on women who were fooled into coming West to start their own homesteads.  Really, the man that got them there was supplying the men of Nebraska with potential brides and profiting from it. Some of the women were okay with that plan but others were mortified.  The ones that were, as we find out,are strong in her own way.  They surprised themselves just how much, as they planned their living arrangements and food with very little help from men, which was almost unheard of at that time period.

Mrs. Whitson portrayed a very rough existence for these pioneer women but they rose to the task, together, as a group.  Many of the women did end up brides and all of them grew in their faith and in their independence and strength.

This is a nice book to read late at night when the house is quiet or as you wait for swimming lessons to be over or just anytime.  And now...on to the next book!

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