You Got a Friend in Me

>> Saturday, June 19, 2010

Best friends are hard to come by and sometimes they are dropped into your lap. At times they are there for a season and then, slowly, before you hardly realize it, they're gone and new ones have replaced them.

As you get into your 40's, close to 50, friends are just as important as ever, maybe more important. Your kids have grown up. You're usually less busy. You have time to develop relationships.

Friendships are gifts from God. He created them, afterall.  He was a friend to Moses, it says so in the Bible. David and Jonathan were the best of friends.

True friends keep each other accountable. They keep them on their toes. They know the strengths and weaknesses of each other. They tease and poke and prod and love on and encourage. "As iron sharpens iron, so one (wo)man sharpens another." (Proverbs 27:17 NIV)

Last night my daughter and I, along with other girlfriends, went to see Toy Story 3. To see the whole gang together was awesome, along with new friends, of course. Some were missing, like Bo Peep. Friends move on. They are called to other places at times. Their presence is missed but a true friend is happy for them.

God fills in the gaps. He knows exactly what we need and He knows the right timing. Through the amazing friendships I've had in my life, I've learned more about myself. I've learned to laugh and I've shed many tears. I've grown up. They've grown up. Some of us have moved on. Some friendships have stood the test of time. Many made a mark on my life, both good and bad, and that mark can never be erased.

Some are online friends and others are nearby. It doesn't matter. A true friend is a blessing, whether we ever meet in 'real life' or not. Hopefully your best friend lives in the house with you. Jim and I have grown in our friendship with each other through our 27 years of marriage, and some of that is because of special friends who have taught me how to truly love and laugh.

 Sometimes it's hard to wrap my mind around the awesome friendships in my life. And to even say one is closer than another is hard for me, they all have different parts of my heart, equally important.

But one person does have a very large spot in my heart. Neither of us know why God brought us together but it's very apparent that He did. We overcame many obstacles to get where we are now. 2,000 miles apart doesn't seem to be a problem when once, we never thought we would ever meet in person. Now I've lost track of the times we've been together. Every one knows how close we are. Our husbands have accepted it, phew. So glad.

Because of technology, we are able to spend time 'together,' by webcam, texting, and the phone. I'm grateful for that but nothing compares to going down the escalator at the airport, eyes fixed on the other, so close, yet so far away, and then the gap closes and soon we're face-to-face, then locked in a tight hug.

Best friends are gifts from God and I am so blessed to have many in my life. They impact me in major ways, but best of all, they ALL point me to God when my way gets mixed up and confusing.

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