Extreme Make-Over, Blogger Edition

>> Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm getting a make-over.  Well, a blog make-over anyway.  The team (Mari & ummm...just Mari) will come in, look at what I have (she's already looked at it, actually, and she's mortified that mine could look so bland), make me delve into my inner self to:

*find out what I want
*where I'm going
*where I would like to be
*who I am

Well, questions like that.  I can't find her exact list:)

After she figures me out, she'll look for pictures that goes with what I've discovered about me or what she discovered about me as I searched me out.  Actually, I already went through that process - with tears and all.  It's a hard experience but so worthwhile and maturing.

After she makes the header (the blueprint), she'll completely demolish my blog.  The big wrecking ball will come in and smash it.  She'll have sent us off to Disneyland so she can work in peace, of course.  And in the end - she will have us say, "Move that bus!" and the blog will be unveiled.

She's very creative and talented, if I can say that.  Well, I guess I can since this is my blog post:)  Mari is my best friend so I don't know how reliable my opinion is so I'll give you a link to her blog, just so you can see.  She also designed two other blogs, one for Beth and one for Lisa.  Yes, a shameless plug:)

Okay, so my theme, is kites, well kite tails.  She found this picture for me while working.  I love Charlie Brown.  He's so pathetic, though, isn't it?  I get pretty pathetic myself at times.  Pathetic and pitiful:)  I get too many kites up and flying at once and they end up all tangled in a tree.  Then I look up at God and cry.  "Why did You let this happen?"  As if...  I was probably flying solo.

The Holy Spirit is in me, blowing the wind under me so I can fly.  I'm the kite.  Sometimes not very colorful one and other times pretty bright and beautiful:)

Kites need tails to fly.  It's what flies it through the air.  No tail, no flight.  The tail changes how the wind moves up and around the kite.  It keeps the kite balanced and makes the flight stable.  The tail points the kite into the wind.  The kite's tail grabs the air then lets go.  It keeps it from crashing to the ground.

My tail is my pastor and church, it's my very close friends who know me and challenge me to keep soaring.  These people point me into the wind.

It can be scary at times, though.  The wind can be strong.  The stronger the wind, the stronger the kite needs to be and the tail needs to hold on equally as tight.  When our support system collapses because of various reasons, the kite falls -- SPLAT! Right into the tree limbs.  No fun.

And who has to unwind the tangled up string?  God does, of course.  Painstaking work it is, too.

I NEED my support system.  God put together my "Dream Team."

My Pastors/church first.  Awesome sermons that challenge me.  Wonderful praise; worship.

Some are right here, my very best friends who I go to church with and socialize with.  We have a group that gets together, we try monthly, but it doesn't always happen.  There is Becky, Laurie, Dixie, Linda, Ann Marie, & Denise. So many more that I couldn't list, breeze in and out of my life...

I have an older woman who is my mentor, Norma.  She's more than happy to let me tag along in her life when I need it.  She helped me lots when I was at my weakest.  Probably when I was hanging off that tree up there.

I also have a  very best girlfriend that God plopped into my life, of course, Mari.  She stretches and grows me every single day and she loves me whether I'm pathetic or sappy happy.  And I have a group of online friends that keep track of me.  When I hide, they seek me out.  I hate to try to list but I will say a few:  Jo, Vonnie, Beth, Lisa, Laura...  more that I could ever list.

Not only am I a kite, I'm also a tail.  I love to encourage others.  My ministry is to point others to soar high in the sky, to do all God has for them.

Sometimes I'm a tail without a kite to hang to.  Those are my lonely moments.  Lonely is good, for a bit.  It truly is a growing time, a good time to listen to what God has for me.

Sometimes I feel like a kite with no tail.  I'm stagnant.  Maybe I don't want to fly high.  My stubborn times where I don't want to do what God has for me.

I love being a kite that flies with my group of colorful tails that push me along as the wind (the Holy Spirit) blows up and around and through us.  I also love being the long, colorful tail that help maneuver my friend's kites to fly high, doing the work that God has for them.

And when the wind blows strong (trouble comes) I want to keep flying.  I don't want to crash into the tree limbs.  Soooo...I guess the song from Mary Poppins is a good song for my blog, Let's go Fly a Kite."

Lord, please breathe into me Your Holy Spirit.  Breathe Yourself into this blog.  Breathe into all who stumble onto this blog who need a fresh filling of You.  Help me to be a kite that truly wants to fly wherever You direct me and also help me to be a good tail who will help my friends fly, even through tough times.  Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your presence that keeps me going and keeps me sane.  Thank You Lord for the wind, the kites, and the tails.

Come fly a kite with me, okay?

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