Move That Bus!

>> Saturday, August 7, 2010

Today's the day! Mari worked hard yesterday and into the night to find just the right pictures for my header. She set up three for me to see then was the phone call.

She went through each one asking me questions. Very business-like, I might add, because she had to stay focused. I tend to run around in circles and when she's in a focused mode, that just drives her crazy;)

It was hard to choose but I did it and it was fun. Anyway, I got to keep refreshing my blog to see the changes. It was truly deconstructed before set back together. Scary stuff!

The crowd is waiting. Anticipating. Waving at the cameras. There's Ty getting the crowd loud and excited. "MOVE THAT BUS!" he gets them to shout.

The bus rolls away.

Here is me screaming. Tears falling from my eyes. "This is mine? You did this for me?" I jump up and down. The design team gathers round me and we hug.

The keys are now in my hands.

It's done. At least for now. Still stuff to work on but the theme has my wheels spinning. I'm ready to study and pray and write and let God work through me for His glory.

This is it. My time Between the storms. A time to learn more patience, grow stronger, and be more courageous so I'll be ready for the next storm. Trust me, there's always another storm. Without storms, there's no rainbows.

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