Lazy Summer Days

>> Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lazy summer days are about gone.  Next Friday I go back to work/school.  I suppose I'm ready.  Our checkbook says I am, anyway:)

I still have a whole week to enjoy, though.  What to do? I should look at my list at the beginning of the summer but that would be uber-depressing to see what I didn't accomplish.

Tomorrow night, I'm going out with friends to see Eat Pray Love.  It looks like we'll be traveling the globe with Julia Roberts for the price of a movie ticket at the Clintonia Eagle Theater.  It seems like forever since we've all gotten together.

Summer vacation may be almost over but summer certainly is NOT.  Hot, hot days ahead as we go back into these school buildings.  Joy of joys!  I'm so glad our high school has air conditioning.  There is no way this hot flashy woman could make it if it wasn't!

My goal is to get a full year of school in with sick days to spare, not only for finances but because I need to work - I need that routine. I flounder without it.  I'm praying this time between the storms has been enough to build up my strength but I see a storm building.  I hope it blows over.  Please Lord, let it blow over, but if it doesn't, help me to bend in the wind and not break.

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