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>> Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Last week, because I was so original, I went very unoriginal in my thinking for today.  Of course, H is for hands today in my Tuesdays A2Z post.  You can find much more unique posts at Patty's blog.

Okay, H is for HANDS!  Small, soft little baby hands resting in yours....ahhhh...there is nothing like it.  Harumph!  Little roving baby hands that tug on your glasses - ouch!  Yes!  Nothing like it:)

Hands that wrap around your husband's neck - in a hug of course.  I guess it could be a good old squeeze of... well, you can fill in the blank with whatever comes to mind.  :)

Hands that are also ready to hold onto very best friends hands after not touching in so very long because of distance.  Life is so cruel to hold miles between friends.  Of course, I'm thankful for miles because an acquaintance from my town lost her very best friend to death so I am oh so thankful it is only miles.  Yes, very thankful!

Hands also wrap around a book.  Sweet, hard bound books, soon to be replaced by, ugh... dare I even write it?  Ebooks.  ugh.  What will become of bookmarkers, I ask you?  How about turned down pages or smudgy chocolate spots?  My hands will miss holding books.  When books fall, they just do that, fall.  What happens when your lovely Ebooks fall?  Yikes!  They break, right?  Yes, my hands love to caress a good book.  I won't even ask what will become of libraries...

Hands, are really low maintenance but they do so much for us in our daily lives.  They help us brush our teeth, they pull up our socks and tie our shoes.  They wave good bye and hello.   They can make silly gestures to cause laughter and they can get you into a great deal of trouble if they are so inclined:)

Yes, H is for hands, among many other things, but I thought hands should have their very own day - today.  And now I will think about the day my hands will be able to hold many friend's hands in August at our FW Conference when so many of us will be congregated together.  And soon, later today, a friend from home is coming to see me with food in hand - those are some good HANDS!  And I'm sure I will get a HUG!  Oh the JOY!!!!  A friend with skin!  That is rare indeed!

Hoping you can celebrate your hands today with lots of hugs both given and received and lend a hand to others.   They say what goes around comes around but that doesn't always happen.  We give because that's what Jesus wants us to do.  Remember, this truly comes from the  HEART:)

With love and so much more love for you all, my loyal prayer warriors!

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