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>> Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today's post is dedicated to the letter I.  Hop on over to Patty Wysong's blog to find more I blog posts - WAIT! not yet.  Since you're here, you can read mine first, okay?  I've managed to stay on task clear through the letter I.  That's amazing if you know me.

ABCDEFGHI - You See...  I start projects and sometimes don't finish them.  Now you know one thing about me.  I get excited about something and then I let the enemy steal my focus or maybe it wasn't a good idea in the first place and it deserved to die.  Whatever the reason, I start and don't finish.  I will finish this project!  Just you wait and see!

I, as in ME (Laury) LOVES lattes.  I'm drinking one as I type.  Almond Joy, as a matter of fact.  I made it myself since there is not one Starbucks around my neck of the woods and it would be quite expensive to support my drinking habit.  But I must confess that I used to not like coffee.  See that picture with Mari?  That's the very first time her and I ever met.  That's also the very first time I ever drank a latte and I was sorely grieved that it tasted like....COFFEE!  Yuck!  She got a big kick out of that observation of mine.  You know what happened to my first latte?  Mari finished it off and was she ever caffeinated!  :)  Anyway, I now drink 2 a day:)  It's Mari's fault.  I drink more than she does now and I think I like the coffee taste better than she does.  What's up with that?

I, as in ME (Laury) is also going through something really strange right now.  I can't stop crying.  I guess it's an age thing.  The tears keep flowing for no apparent reason.  I have a friend that calls me the 'fountain of love.' Oboy.  I cry when reading sad parts of books and the happy parts.  Sad movies.  I cry because a friend tells me she has to hang up.  I cry because...well, just because.  Surely the tears will dry up eventually, right?

You've kept track of my every toss and turn 
through the sleepless nights, 
Each tear entered in your ledger, 
each ache written in your book. Psalm 56:8 (The Message)

I, as in ME (Laury) NEED to be NEEDED. I've figured that much out. I like to help people. I'm pretty sure I came by it naturally. My mom is just like that. I've loved volunteering at Special Touch camp this summer. I hope I can work at even more camps next year. It's such a blessing to be with others who truly appreciate the small things you do for them. They hug and kiss on you and have absolutely no boundaries (which is hard to get used to but it's all okay.) I LOVE SPECIAL TOUCH CAMP! It helped me lose myself and minister the way Jesus did. I did walk out of His way many times, I'm sure, but most days, I totally flowed in His Spirit and did what He had me to do and it was AWESOME!

I, as in ME (Laury) get lost in the summer.  I work at a high school during the school year and I need the summer to rest up but...I also need a routine, thus the getting lost part.  Maybe I need a personal trainer type person to keep me on track.  Keep me in the Word, keep me going physically, keep me writing, researching, reaching out...  I'm just no good at the personal motivation part.  Sad, huh?  A personal weakness.  You see, I NEED to be NEEDED.  If I feel I'm not needed, I seem to wither away.  I think that's where the tears are coming from right now.

I, as in ME (Laury) tend to get way too personal on my blog at times.  ugh.  But writing is where my observations come from.  It sure saves lots of money.  I think of the people talking to counselors - and i sit at my computer and write my guts out to who knows... ugh.  Maybe confidentiality is worth it, eh?

Anyway, I, as in ME (Laury) is having a rough summer.  Physically, I'm doing better.  Thank you for praying. I so appreciate it.  Mentally, it's crazy but I will make it because,

  "I can do all things through Him who gives me strength." Phil 4:13

And I have August to look forward to: seeing Mari August 10th!  Picking her up at the airport, hopefully I won't get lost this time:)  Spending alone time with her before we both get to see so many other friends at the FW conference: friends we've met before and others we've never met.  
I can't wait!  God is good!  So very good!  

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