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>> Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This is Tuesday, making it A2z day, which today happens 2 b J.  Anyone who knows me or who reads my blog posts or who catches me on an off day on FB where I post on my wall, knows I've been battling 'stuff.'  I spent some time with my daughter last week.  She's awesome but she's completely opposite me.  She's guarded to the extreme.  No one knows her 'stuff.'  She never writes on her FB wall.  Her mama tells all.  That's me.  How can I get advice from others who have been there, done that if they don't know?  Ya know?

This week I've been hearing Jesus whisper to me, 'Look to me.'  Oh, my J word, by the way, is JESUS, in case I forget to say.  We need to look to Jesus always.  He's the One with all the answers.  When the world starts spinning way too fast - He's the One we need to reach out to get our balance again.  When others don't have time to listen, Jesus is always there.  Others can't understand our hearts.  Bpptt!  We can't even understand us all the time.  Jesus made us.  He knows our quirkiness.  How we tick.  He loves us anyway.  Crazy, I know.

Sometimes I wonder why I battle so much.  Why not just run into His arms?  Little kids don't puzzle things out.  They don't dwell on their hurts.  They cuddle into their daddy's arms.  They look into the smiling face and grin back.  Reach a pudgy finger up and pull a whisker.  We all need to learn from watching children.  They have the right idea.

I'm going to cuddle in now with Jesus.  I suggest you do the same.  I wonder how the world would change if we could all do that?  I know I won't stay in His lap, though.  I'll see things that I think will need MY attention.  I'll get in the way and make messes, just like always.  And I'll get my feelings hurt, invariably.  And I'll have this trail of tears where anyone can find me easy.  It's this time of life I'm in.  Don't know about others.  I am 47, almost 48.  What a weird time.  I thought teenage years were hard.  ergh.  Someone, please tell me it gets easier!  Lie if you have to:)

Anyway, J is for Jesus!  Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life..."  John 14:6.  and He is.  In every area of our lives, He wants to be there.  Won't you let Him?

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