To Be Perfectly Honest

>> Monday, July 11, 2011

This book, by Phil Callaway, published by Multnomah, is, to be perfectly honest, (haha) very different, unexpectedly funny in a weird captivating way.  I must confess, it kept me up many nights until my eyes drooped and I just barely had enough energy to lay the book down and turn off the light.

This author, Phil, was given an assignment, to not lie for a whole year - that's 365 days of no white lies, no stretching the truth, nothing.  I would say he didn't live up to the task but he shared very truthfully his very fun and not so much fun days.

You know me, I don't like to give away books so I will point out journal entry days -

Day 69 - I said it goes with my pastor's sermon from the past Sunday.  Ah...he said one of his earliest lies he was taught was when he gave his life to God, he would be miserable.

Day 71 - I just wrote funny with a smilie face... let me go look:)  Oh, he said he doesn't wear his watch to church unless he's speaking because someone told him it's a distraction, so he's constantly looking at his wife's watch instead.

Day 85 - I wrote.... awwww... you'll just have to read the book to see why.  He has a romantic little bone in his body for being married thirty years.  Sweet.

Mr. Callaway is very open and honest with his life for these 365 days.  He is a true comedian and it shows.  I had honest-to-goodness belly laughs when I was supposed to be sleeping.  If you are looking for a book that is extraordinarily different; a book that would appeal to both men and women - a book that will make you think about your life and just how much you might lie to save someone's feelings or to get out of doing something you just don't want to do - then I would say THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

I hope you will go buy it!  I recommend it HIGHLY!

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