25th Wedding Anniversary!

>> Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Today is our 25th Wedding Anniversary!
Its hard to believe its been that long already! Time flies when you're living life, huh?!
Thought I could figure out 25 different ways to say, "I love you," but got bored with the idea. Here are my top 10:) Anyone want to help me?
#1 -- by #1 son, Ryan
#2 -- by #1 daughter, Kristen
#3 -- by #2 son, Nikolas
#4 -- by waking up in the morning beside each other and not cringing in fright at the sight:)
#5 -- by not reminding each other how "skinny and young looking we were 25 years ago!
#6 -- by cooking supper every night
#7 -- or in my case, by NOT cooking supper:) scary
#8 -- by sticking together thru sickness
#9 -- by sticking together thru death
#10 --by allowing each other to have our own interests

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