Fishy Wishes...

>> Sunday, March 16, 2008

I have a friend, Marita, who wrote last week to me on IM, "If wishes were fishes...". We were daydreaming about once and for all being able to meet each other face-to-face. If wishes were fishes, I would be in Washington right now, visiting with her, sitting in church praising and worship alongside my dear friend, Mari:)

If wishes were fishes I would have a teleportation machine. I would go and pick up all of my friends, all around the world, and bring them together so we could talk, laugh, cry, and OH yes! Hug! Hug! Hug! A teleportation machine that would cause no dizziness whatsoever. It would be a smooth ride.

I would also, if wishes were fishes, take away the pain that my many friends suffer every day.

Lord God, please be with my friend right now that won't let me say her name:) Take away her pain and the unncertainty of her life.

Be with Dee as she struggles to find answers to her health issues.

To my dear friends, Amy and Janelle, be with them as they strive to finish college. Help them to keep pressing on. Help them to do the very best they can and help them to fulfill all the dreams You have put in their hearts.

I pray for Holly that you will be with her everyday in her dark world. Help it to be full of light in every other way. She is so full of joy! Help us all to learn from this dear young friend.

I pray for my friend Patty. Help us to meet soon. We really don't live that far away from each other. Thank You that she is so faithful to me, to pull me along when I can hardly do it myself.

There are all my Faithwriter friends who are so very special. Please be with each one (Jo, Yvonne, Beth, Laura, Verna, Deb, Shirley, Josh... Father, there are just too many to list.) There are so many and all so special and all bring different things into my life. Be with each one and bless their writing. Help us all to write for Your glory, I pray.

My friends here at home, the ones I love and adore, please be with them. We don't get to see one another much but when we do its like no time has passed whatsoever. Please be with Becky, Laurie, Denise, Ann Marie, Linda, and Dixie. There are so many more in my life also. So many... too many to list.

Also, my friends at school, the ones that have to put up with me and my groggy self everyday -- please be with them (Gina, Heather, Sherith, Laura, Jennifer, Judy, Mitchi, Kristin, Kathy, Dana and so many more!) Bless them, Lord, and if they don't know You, I pray that they will soon. Help me to be a light in our high school pointing all to You and Your glory, beauty, and faithfulness!

What are your wishes? Want to share your fishy wishes with me?

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