Mondays Moanings;)

>> Monday, March 24, 2008

Ruth starts her chemo treatment in a few hours. Please pray for her. It is a very anxious time right now for the whole family.

This is the second official day of our Easter break. Of course, I began a week early, but we won't talk about that! It is good I have this week off, too. I am extremely weak.

Nik is supposed to have his first baseball game today. The others have gotten cancelled. Hopefully this one does, too. There is snow on the ground! Oh no! Looks like it will be one COLD game! Been through that before but I'm a year older now! Getting harder and harder! Funny!

Kristen grumbled her way out the door this morning to one of her babysitting jobs. I think she's getting really tired of going all the time. She has a cold, too, and she won't be happy until she gives it to me. I now have a sore throat. I've went all winter without getting a cold. GRRRR!

Still feeling pretty good but I can't do much before I get knocked down again. Am taking it very easy but I must be ready for school next Monday.

Guessing I'll stop moaning now! You can leave your moanings for me in a comment!

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