Wednesday's Whisperings...

>> Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I slept in today. Didn't even call off work. I am totally away from reality. ARGH!

Today I need to make calls. Dr. K has been so good to me. He and his nurse called me several times yesterday to see how I was doing and to tell me what the neurosurgeon said.

Well, Peoria doesn't want me. I feel so very un-loved:) I wanted my choices narrowed, so I guess that is happening. I am now waiting to hear from a call from Chicago. They see big $$$$ when my name comes up. I seem to be a hard case, for some reason. argh! argh!

Sweet Beckie offered to take me to Chicago. She must be out of her mind -- driving in Chicago traffic? Oh my! I am very touched that she would offer. I am hoping that things work out that Jim will be able to do it. If I have to wait until next week, I will do that. As long as I know I will get relief soon, I'm pretty sure I can handle it.

And Wednesday continues, with or without me... school goes on... not to be missed... guess that's a good thing!
New News:

Tomorrow Beckie and I are going to Chicago. She has most graciously offered to take me and I humbly accepted. I will be forever grateful to this new friend of mine. The plan is to have my shunt drained off and hopefully get relief.

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